28DEC21 / 1700Z - Long Island MacArthur Airport Flyout @KISP

Ok no problem

@JanneEllison i changed your gate to A05

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unfortunately cannot join ☹️ have some stuff going on

@IF.Kaden your off the board, stay safe.

hey same here, im not sure i can attend or not, forgot to mention this before, i have some with family things to do

Ok, no problem, maybe a catch you at another event.

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Can I switch to Baltimore flight since it is now available?

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@Okeanos sure no problem

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Hiya! I’ll take a TBM to KBCT (Boca Raton, FL)
I might be a little late to the event but I’m very exited! Cheers!

Ok @Daniel_Steinman your signed up

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I’m sorry for the incoveniance, but I wont be able to join because of some family stuff. Sorry!

Can I swap my route to the CRJ-200 on American Eagle to PHL instead?

@CaptainE I switched you to the Philly run and @Finnishboy i took you off, stay safe.

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When are we starting? I am at the airport but no one is here.

@Okeanos We start at the beginning of the next hour

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Alright then! Meanwhile I make a flight planning…

Spawning in now 👍

Ok start spawning in

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Landed on time. Baltimore is a very beautiful airport. Here are some shots.

Thanks to the people who showed up to the event and for @JSRibs28 for controlling the airport.