28DEC21 / 1700Z - Long Island MacArthur Airport Flyout @KISP


Welcome to The Long Island MacArther Airport Flyout

Hello and welcome to the Long Island MacArther Airport Flyout. It is a pressure to have you join us. This event is located in Islip, NY. The airport serves the surrounding area of Long Island. It is a secondary airport for NYC. MacArther airport served 1.6 million passengers in 2019. The airport is served by four airlines. They are Southwest, Frontier, Piedmont (American Eagle) and Breeze Airways. The airport has a variety of destinations on the east coast of the US flying to 14 destinations in 8 states. This small regional airport is my home airport and a great spot for my first Infinite Flight Live Event. Thanks for joining us and I will see you there!

Event information

Date & Time:2021-12-28T17:00:00Z
Server: Expert
Airport: KISP

Airport Diagram

The runway of Departure is 6/24


Ground: @JSRibs28
Tower: @JSRibs28
ATIS: @JSRibs28


Gate Airline Aircraft Destination ICAO Pilot
B23 Breeze A223 Norfolk KORF @KSM_King_Storm
B19 Breeze A223 Charleston (SC) KCHS -
A01L American Eagle CRJ2 Philadelphia KPHL @CaptainE
A01 Frontier A320 Myrtle Beach KMYR
A02 Frontier A320 Fort Myers KRSW -
A03 Frontier A321 Orlando KMCO -
A04 Frontier A321 Las Vegas KLAS -
A05 Southwest B738 Nashville KBNA @JanneEllison
A06 Southwest B737 Fort Lauderdale KFLL @Butter1
A07 Southwest B738 West Palm Beach KPBI @CaptainKyler
A08 Southwest B737 Tampa KTPA @Tom_Jennings
A09 Frontier A320 Atlanta KATL -
A10 Frontier A320 Miami KMIA -
A11 Frontier A320 Tampa KTPA -
A12 Frontier A320 Fort Lauderdale KFLL -
A13 Southwest B737 Baltimore KBWI @@okeanos

You can choose an aircraft and destination or VFR and I’ll give you a gate.

Gate Aircraft Destination ICAO Pilot
FBO Mid Island Air Service Ramp 01 TBM9 Boca Rotan KBCT @daniel_steinman

You may switch the destination to another real destination out of KISP. Thanks for joining my on this event and I’ll see you there.


Could I have the Breeze to Charleston please?

Frontier to Las Vegas please

Ok @Finnishboy and @ouzi your all signed up

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@RTG113 Long Island vibes

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I’ll take this gate and route please.

Breeze A223 Norfolk KORF
Can I please have that flight?

@CaptainE & @KSM_King_Storm your all signed up

This but i can i have southwest 737-700

@Tom_Jennings your signed up. I got you in gate A08 on a southwest 737-700 to Tampa because A08 is a real gate and A09-A13 are overflow.

Can I do southwest to Fort Lauderdale ?

The Southwest to Fort Lauderdale is yours @Butter1, I switched your gate to A06 so you are in a real gate not a remote stand.

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Can I have the southwest to bwi please

i would like this one please!

Just checked the flights seems like these are the only flights from long island, mostly with airbus 🙁… Can I take the South Carolina flight?

@AlaskaAirlines89 Your signed up, @Xavier_Wynne your signed up and I changed your gate to A05. @Okeanos do you want the Frontier to Myrtle Beach or Breeze to Charleston?

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Hope you’re doing well !
I would like to sign up for the last one : Gate A13, Southwest Airline, Aircraft B738 and destination Nashville KBNA

Thank you and have a great day !

Frontier please, others are taken already.

@Okeanos & @JanneEllison your both signed up

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Sorry but I won’t be able to attend really wanted to do this one too. Something came up.