28DEC20 / 2200Z - Let's fly from Atlanta GA to Tampa FL!


  • Time of Flight: 1hr 37m

  • Aircraft and Livery: Boeing 757-200 Delta Air Lines

  • Route: Please copy my flight plan

  • Time of Pushback: 2200Z

  • Server: Training

Additional Information:

  • Altitude: 32,000 ft
  • Speed and Climb:
    • After takeoff: 240kts at 3,000vs vs until 10,000 ft.
    • Above 10,000 ft to 32,000 ft: 340kts at 1,500vs
    • Cruise: 0.85 M

I will be parked at Gate C14. Reply if you’re coming! See you in an hour.

At @ KATL - KTPA at the end.
and I cant come

Hey, add an @ and then KATL to KTPA at the end and I am flying right now so i cant join

Can’t join…,sorry

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