28AUG21 / 2200Z - Surf Air Virtual Presents: HUB to HUB @ KEWR - KIAH with UVAL

Surf Air Virtual and United Virtual Present


About Airports

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Newark Liberty International Airport is an international airport in Newark, New Jersey. The airport is located 3 miles (4.8 km) south of Downtown Newark, and 9 miles (14 km) west-southwest of the borough of Manhattan. The airport is a strategic HUB for United Airlines. In 2017 KEWR was the sixth busiest airport in the United States by international passenger traffic and the fifteenth busiest airport in the country. It served 43,393,499 passengers in 2017.

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George Bush Intercontinental Airport is an international airport in Houston, Texas. The airport serves the greater Houston area and is located 23 miles from downtown Houston. The airport is the second largest HUB for United Airlines, just trailing Chicago. In 2019 nearly 45.3 million passengers passed through George Bush Intercontinental Airport

About United Virtual & Surf Air Virtual

United Virtual [UVAL] is a premium virtual airline [VA] on Infinite Flight. Their goal is to maintain maturity and realism in the virtual skies while providing a fun safe environment for pilots to thrive in. UVAL takes pride in having an advanced but easy-to-use crew center, a robust codeshare network featuring 30+ other virtual airlines, and their own unique VA programs.

  • MUST be at least grade 3 on Infinite Flight.
  • MUST have an active Infinite Flight Community account.
  • MUST have an active Infinite Flight PRO Subscription.
  • MUST be at least 15 years old to join United Virtual.
  • MUST have 250 hours or more on Infinite Flight.
  • MUST not be on the IFVARB watchlist or blacklist.
  • No Level 3 Violations in the last 60 days.
  • Well maintained standing on the Infinite Flight Community.
  • Passed the written entry test.
  • Able to have access to the Discord App.

United Virtual Thread

Surf Air Virtual is a small general aviation virtual airline operating the TBM-930 within the United States and the CCX in Europe. Our mission is to help new pilots build new pilot skills and be ready for the future virtual airlines they might join.

  • MUST be 13+
  • MUST not be on the IFVARB watchlist or blacklist
  • MUST be grade 3
  • MUST have a valid copy of Infinite Flight
  • MUST be able to use Discord as a communication source
  • MUST get a 75% or higher on the written exam
  • Have an IFC [Infinite Flight Community] account

Surf Air Virtual Thread

Event Info

  • Date/Time: August 28, 2021August 29, 2021

  • Route: KEWR-KIAH

  • Plane/Livery: United or Infinite Flight B757


All Gates are located at Terminal C

United Virtual Gates
Airline/Aircraft Gate Pilot
United B757 71W @Carlos_Camacho - Flight Lead
United B757 74W @Francisco_Rivera
United B757 75 @Dubya
United B757 82 @highclouds
United B757 86 @Capt_SwagGu
United B757 88 @Drey
United B757 85 @Eugene_Leybovich
United B757 83 @Gavin_hinz
United B757 81 @Aiden_Hodges
United B757 80 @plane_guy12
United B757 95 @xsrvmy
United B757 97 @Andy_R
Surf Air Virtual Gates
Airline/Aircraft Gate Pilot
Infinite Flight B757 98 @A320_Flyerboy19 - Flight Lead
Infinite Flight B757 96 @JacobDiaz
Infinite Flight B757 94 @Captain_Young
Infinite Flight B757 92 @bbrockairbus
Infinite Flight B757 90 URFVA Reserved
Infinite Flight B757 72 URFVA Reserved
Infinite Flight B757 70 URFVA Reserved
Infinite Flight B757 101 URFVA Reserved
Infinite Flight Community Gates
Airline/Aircraft Gate Pilot
United B757 120 @HUMVEE
United B757 121W
United B757 123
United B757 125
United B757 126
Infinite Flight B757 127 @MacGyver
Infinite Flight B757 128A
Infinite Flight B757 138
Infinite Flight B757 136W
Infinite Flight B757 135W


KEWR Airport Diagram

KIAH Airport Diagram

Additional Info

  • United Virtual and Surf Air Virtual Will NOT be responsible for any violation/ghost received!

  • All VA members from UVAL or URFVA, please contact your CEO or event team about signing up!

  • An IFC group PM will be created THREE DAYS before the event will take place.

  • Please spawn 20 minutes prior to the departure time

  • Flight plan will be released 40 minutes before departure time.



IFATC: Providing services for both the departure airport and arrival airport!

Position Controller
ATIS @AviationChampion
Ground @AviationChampion
Tower @AviationChampion

This IFC event thread has been approved by UVAL CEO, and URFVA CEO


I’ll take this…callsign is URFVA225

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Please contact your CEO about being added to the event!


@bbrockairbus You have been moved to gate 96. @A320_Flyerboy19 will be at gate 98. He is the flight lead for URFVA.

Thank you for signing up!

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We cant wait for the event!

Kenneth N. - UVAL CEO


Can I have Tower, Ground & ATIS please?

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Sure thing. Thank you very much!!

Surf Air Virtual

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this please

Please contact your CEO about being added to the event!!

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Hi sign me in

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@HUMVEE and @Captain_Young Thank you for signing up for the event!

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Eight Days to event day! This is an event flight the IFC does not want to miss!


@HUMVEE, you will be following UVAL, as you have chosen the United B757.

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Can I be signed up as part of the United side. Thx

Please contact your CEO about being signed up for the event.

Surf Air Virtual

I was already planning this route with the B737s and A320 tomorrow how did this happen where I stumble on an event with the route I am doing great minds think alike is all I have to say lol and just the other day I did this route with 5 757s and it was really fun

The event is less than three hours and we got a lot spots left for the IFC!

Can I grab 127 please? Thank you

Indeed you may have Gate 127! Thank you for signing up

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You will be following our FPL today.

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