28AUG21/ 1900Z - Dallas Ft Worth Intl Airport Flyout! @ KDFW [COMPLETED]

Oh ok! Cool!

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Yes it is!

Looks like you got another wrong ICAO code bud. KIAD is Washington Dulles. The airport code for Houston Intercontinental would be KIAH.

Gotcha thx!

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Hope the airport will be 3D by the time! πŸ˜‰πŸ™
For AirFrance what terminal is it?

E gates there are some left suggest a route I’ll put it in!

It would be KDFW to LFPG with a 777-300ER thanks!

Sure let me get u in!

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About 5 people Hoping for more in the next couple days!

Please can I have this one just to Las Vegas?

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Can I please have American airlines going to Charlotte?


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Yes let me add you in!

Yup Ill get u in!

@FlyEurope @Nathanael_Uecker

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About 8 sign ups looks good so far!

I messaged American Virtual on this waiting for response

I would like this gate please!


can i take the american 789 to orlando? i was gonna do the a333 but there’s no american airlines :(

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Roger that I’ll u in!

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thank you!!

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