28AUG21 / 1800Z - AppleJet Virtual Presents: The AppleJet Airshow Adventure @ KOSH

I can do 7:15 maybe I mean I am in the 5 grade so I have school from 8:00-3:00 so I also have to eat dinner and go to bed at 10:00 so I will PM you if I can do it and what aircraft will we use

Any fighter or spitfire would work. Just send me a PM when you can.

I’ll use a different aircraft then you.

Alright I will let you know

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@AppleJet_Virtual me and @TestFlight10 will preform a heritage flight for about 5 minutes.

Aircraft: TBD

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Less than 1 week until the Airshow!

Congratulations my friend!

I will be coming in as TBM

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Can’t wait to preform!

I’ll come as F-16

Would anyone like to come as a KC-10 at the start? and open up with a midair refueling @Delta_836 would you like to do 2 F-16’s with the tanker?


Can I get a spectator spot? Please and thank you!

Aircraft: C172

Callsign: N17AW

I would like to join! Ill take up in an F-18

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@AppleJet_Virtual Can someone put this up on YouTube as I won’t be able to attend but still want to see the maneuvers

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Yes I would be down but we would have to do it around 2:30 if that works?

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Perfect! Hopefully we’ll find a tanker pilot.

There are currently 3 scheduled performances. Schedule will soon be permanent and no changes will be made by 2021-08-28T16:00:00Z

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