28AUG21 / 1800Z - AppleJet Virtual Presents: The AppleJet Airshow Adventure @ KOSH

Apple Jet Airshow Adventure

Hosted By: @AppleJet_Virtual

Greetings everyone! Welcome to Apple Jet Virtual’s next event. We are going to be traveling from our main hub of Milwaukee to Oshkosh for our very first airshow.


Any aircraft is available to fly in this airshow but also our entire fleet will be available for flying in the airshow portion of this event. Check out all of the aircraft you can fly below. Please state the aircraft you would like to fly in the thread to claim a spot. You may opt to swap aircraft if you’d like. Fly-in aircraft must be GA aircraft from the APJT fleet.

AppleJet Fleet
Cessna 172 Skyhawk


Cessna 208 Caravan


Cubcrafters XCub


Daher TBM-930


Airbus A318-100

Screenshot 2021-07-01 3.40.41 PM

Boeing 737-700 BBJ

Screenshot 2021-07-01 3.40.56 PM

Boeing 737-900 BBJ

Screenshot 2021-07-01 3.41.12 PM

Event Details

Server: Casual
Departure Airport: Milwaukee General Mitchell Int’l Airport (KMKE)
Airshow Location: Oshkosh Wittman Regional Airport (KOSH)
Departure Time: 2021-08-28T18:00:00Z
Airshow Start Time: 2021-08-28T18:50:00Z

More Event Details
  • All communication and contacting will be done on the IFC via PM.
  • Performers will spawn in the flight demo team area on the NE side of the airport
  • Spectators will park at EAA AirVenture parking on the left of RWY 18/36
  • More information will be given via PM closer to event

Gate Assignments

KMKE --> KOSH Gates
Gate Aircraft Destination ICAO Pilot
East GA Ramp 1 TBM-930 Oshkosh KOSH @swa1997
East GA Ramp 2 GA Choice Oshkosh KOSH
East GA Ramp 3 GA Choice Oshkosh KOSH
East GA Ramp 4 GA Choice Oshkosh KOSH
East GA Ramp 5 GA Choice Oshkosh KOSH
East GA Ramp 6 GA Choice Oshkosh KOSH
East GA Hanger 7 GA Choice Oshkosh KOSH
East GA Hanger 8 GA Choice Oshkosh KOSH
Airshow Slots

An official schedule will be published closer to occurrence of event

Length Aircraft Pilot
00:15 F-22 @swaviator
00:15 F-22 @emirates123123
00:10 F-16 @chicago_aviator
00:15 C-130 @TestFlight10
00:10 A-10 @chicago_aviator
00:10 F-16 @delta_836
TBD KC-10 @chicago_aviator
TBD F-18 @alaska_298_super_yt
- - -

More slots will be added with increasing demand


No limit to amount of spectators


⚠️ NOTAMS ⚠️

  • Please spawn 10-15 minutes prior to departure
  • Respect UNICOM at all times
  • Have Fun!

Interested in joining AppleJet?

Website | Apply | IFC Thread


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I think I’m taking the SAT on this day 😩

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I’ll be finishing up school sorry if it was at like 4:00 I could

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I would so come but I’m doing a lot of things to do that day

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I’ll come as an F-22! I have some tricks up my sleeve 👌


@SWAviator Could you please state the amount of time you’ll be performing

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I definitely will be attending. This is so exciting


15 minutes I think, then I’ll spectate.

@T4ir5ty & @SWAviator
Welcome to our Airshow Adventure!


I’ll preform in a F-16!


I can come I will do C130 for 15-20 minutes

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@Chicago_Aviator & @TestFlight10
Welcome to our Airshow Adventure!

Did you just say… AIRSHOW?!! 😱


I’ll also spectate after my performance.

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Can I do a second performance in a A-10 as well?

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Also does anyone want to do a heritage flight with me?

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What does that mean???🤔

Like a formation flight around the airport

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If you are allowed to go twice then yes maybe you and I can do some practice on it tomorrow I live is FL so tomorrow at like 5:30 my time would work if you can do it

Yeah you can preform as much as you want. That time doesn’t work for me but anytime past 7 your time other than tomorrow would work for me

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