28APR21 / 1830Z - The Migration of the Dutch Birds! @ EHAM > EGLL

Hello everyone! This is my first groupflight! I hope everything is fine on this post

(please tell me if I missed something)

Flight Info

Route: EHAM > EGLL

Aircraft/livery: DutchBird 757-200 or A320

Departure time: 1830Z (2:30 Eastern time)

Server: Training

Extra Information

Please use a 3 letter DutchBird callsign!

Please spawn in 5 minutes before the flight, we will depart at exactly 1830Z.

Please spawn in at Concourse/Terminal G at Amsterdam so we don’t get split up at the airport.

The runway for takeoff will be 36C

When we arrive, please park at terminal 3. (I expect us to land at 27R, but it could change)

Please follow and copy my flightplan.

(We will be cruising at 35,000 feet and at Mach 0.80)

Again, please tell me if I missed anything or did something wrong.

And if you will join, I hope you will enjoy the flight!!


Oh and I forgot to say, this in the Open Beta server!

i play but i do not see any buildings why is that.

PM me. I’ll help you and tell you why, and how to get the buildings.

ok (10 words)

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Reminder to the people that (hopefully) will participate, the flight starts in 10 minutes! So whoever wants to participate, please spawn in 5 minutes!

Alright, people who wanted to participate can spawn in now!

Cancelled, nobody came lmao

I just spawned :/

Oh, I could still do it if you want

Sure thing

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That was a great groupflight! Especially with that landing 😎 I hope you enjoyed it too @Lotus!

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Nice landing dude! I gotta fly the 757 more

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