[28 ATTENDING!! Sponsored by Plane and Pilot] Dublin Airport fill up | Fly out | @EIDW | 171800ZJUL19

Get me a standby gate to Warsaw Modlin. I’m not really sure will I be able to attend as I am on holidays and the WiFi here is limited. But I’ll give it a try. Modlin is the closest airport I live and I live in Ireland too!

No i have not looked

Ok you got a gate

I dont have a gate for modlin but do have one for chopin

Ok, so switch one Ryanair Gate destination to Modlin. I’ll hop in together with @IFliPlanes 👍

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ok ill do that for you

Thanks mate! 👍

Hopefully the WIFI is ok

I’ll take 403C to Philadelphia :)

I will take G&T please I am a member of P&P!

Which gate ?

Your signed up

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Ground for @Zach007 and Tower for me.

I was unaware of this @Sashaz55

I’ll take the flight to london city. Please and Thank you

I’ll take gate 314

@Sashaz55 your on tower and @Zach007 your on ground

@ThomasThePro and @Boris_Huang hope to see you there your both signed up

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@Boris_Huang You have been assigned gate 314 ethiopian airlines to Los Angeles

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@ThomasThePro you have been assigned gate 123 BA Embraer E190 to London City (EGLC)