[28 Attendees!!] Jingle Bells at Baltimore @KBWI - 222200ZDEC18


Can I join in on escorting, as my and @Captain-Cade work together.


Give me 1 sec, I might reassign your guys starting positions…


Added you in @Mattheus
@Captain-Cade and @Lucas_Brien I moved your gates around. Please check your new assignments!


I mean like can I help escort? Me and The two people escorting work together.


What do you mean by that? Are you going to be physically spawning in and escorting? If yes, then I already sorted you out, of no then PM me. Thanks!


Bump the thread and people join, falalala lalalala

Tis’ the season to be Bumping, falalala lalalala


Come on guys, sign up to help make @Tom_Grollman angry ;) You still hate this airport?


Lol this request is too good 😂


We have to fill up this place so we can make people on the IFC (totally not mentioning names @Tom_Grollman) who hate BWI believe that it is better!


I’ll take a gate! Jetblue A320, callsign Jetblue 1426


Added you in at A2. Thanks for signing up!


Do you need ATC?


Do you have to be a certain level or, a certain VA to participate?


Can I join please


I take D25 please


I could use some ATC, that would be great!


You have to be able to be on training server as it is a training server event. Other than that you can join, no Limits!


Please check the gates as D25 is not one of them. Please also follow the gate request format.


Thanks! Deffinetely will be there!


SWA857/A6/Southwest and 737-800