[28 Attendees!!] Jingle Bells at Baltimore @KBWI - 222200ZDEC18


Well, for now it is on training, but every few weeks I will hold a vote to see what server. And exactly what @Dylan_M said there is generally no traffic there. However I might have to change it due to NY approach bugging us


Also what aircraft and callsign? Please follow format.

The format is callsign/gate/aircraft


Bumping this for this afternoon.


I will be callsign Southwest 796. See you there!


K thank you!


B10 Ilove7879 is in thx


Coming right up mate!


EX69/Any gate(not familiar with airport)/747-8i


These gate do not fit a 747-8i, these gate fit an a320. This is only an hour and a half long flight. Please do look at the gates in the first post and choose one.


Bumping this! Let’s get some gates!


Hoping for some traction this weekend!


SP A320 B11 Callsign - CT0531


Added you in @cbrooks531!


Please make into casual server. The reason is this, I’m grade 1 and I really want to go to this event and if it’s in training or expert I can’t join and don’t you want to have everyone attending right? So can you please make it into casual server


You still have plenty of time to reach Grade 2. Just do some flights and you’ll get there in no time!


Like @Dylan_M said, you have 2 months to get up to grade 2. Due to the trolls and the unrealism on casual server, the event won’t be changed to that. If you can’t make it that is unfortunate however I would lose many more people due to the fact that they do not want to fly on casual. Keep up those landings and flight hours and you will be there fast!


We have 6 gates left! Get yours fast!


Could I change my aircraft to a 737-700?


Sure, not a problem!


6 gates left to claim! Get yours before it’s gone!