[28 Attendees!!] Jingle Bells at Baltimore @KBWI - 222200ZDEC18


Server: Training (I may change the server on popular request)

Airport: KBWI

Time: *2200 Zulu December 22, 2018 10:00 PM

NOTAM: If you are a VA interested in participating please PM me!
I will add more gates if needed.

Sponsored by @SpiritVirtual!
Today we fly you from the great city of Baltimore to Boston! We are shutting people to their loved ones for a great Christmas week!


So many people have booked flights from Baltimore to Boston that we need 15 aircraft! And more and more bookings are coming in! We need your help IFC to make sure everyone has a great holiday, and that they are with their family! Southwest, JetBlue and Spirit have agreed to help us!


SW 737-700 B1: @AlaskaAirfireball111
SW 737-700 B2: @WestJet737767
SW 737-700 B3: @JeromeJ
SW B737-700 B4: @Plane-Train-TV
SW B737-800 B5: @AviationGaming
SW B737-700 B6: @Luke_Sta
JB E190 B7: @Plnelovr
JB A320 B8: @ILOVE7879
SP A320 B9: @cbrooks531
S P A320 B10: @SpiritVirtual
SP A320 B11: @SpiritVirtual
SP A320 B12: @SpiritVirtual
SP A320 B13: @SpiritVirtual
SP A321 B14: @Leah
SP A321 B15: @Rishon_R
SW 738 A1: @Dylan_M
JB A320 A2: @N138DR
SW 738 A3: @marquise_carter
SW 738 A4: @HSBC
SW 738 A5: @Adelaide_Aviation
SW 738 A6: @CaptainBush
SW 738 A7: @StarWars
SW 737 A8: @EthanT2
SW 737 A9: @Andres_Rodriguez1
JB A320 A10: @Alex_Everything
JB A320 A11: @Fly207


Air cargo stand F1@Captain-Cade
Air Cargo stand F2 @Lucas_Brien
Air cargo stand F3 @Mattheus

Please submit in the format:
Callsign/Gate/Airline (Between spirit, Southwest, and JetBlue) and aircraft
Please note that I can change the aircraft to one of the same airline, but not to other airlines. If we have many people asking for the same airline I may change. Thanks :)
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Spirit Virtual Airlines | Official Thread

Awesome Event! This is on 22nd right?


Yup! Saturday the 22!


Hmmm im Almost certain that it’s not December? ;)


Yes this is in December, hence DEC in the title.


I know I just was playing ;)


Lol this is why I love the IFC


I’ll definitely sign up, but I do not want to sign up early because I do not know when my Winter Break starts, but it will most likely start the 21st.


Alrighty. I will reserve a gate for you for the time being. Just let me know in a few weeks if you can make it!


Alright, thanks!


What would you like to fly if you make it?


Would it be possible for expert fighter escort for the safety of the flights? ;)


Haha, sure I will add a section for that, 1 sec


Southwest, I’ll probably fly to Love field, I do not know if that’s a real route


This is a set Event I believe flying to Boston


This isn’t a fly out, this is a specified route


Totally didn’t see that, my bad.


We all make mistakes, don’t fret.


I’ll take B4 Boeing 737-700 SWA1719

(I live super close to BWI if you do not know)


Hot and ready!