27OCT20 / 1800Z / 20 Hours Flight Time! @EDDP - YMML

  • Aircraft and Livery:
    DHL Cargo B777F or QANTAS A380
  • Route:
    Leipzig (EDDP) - Melbourne (YMML)
  • Time of Departure:
  • Server:
    Expert Server

  • Additional Information:
    ATC Will be present in both the regions so be mindful and respectful.
    Copy FPL from me @aryachopra!
    Spawn 10 minutes prior to take-off. Apron 4 DHL 461 - 477
    See you there!

Hello there. Please refer to About The GroupFlights Category rules. You need to put the title in the format of DDMONYY / HHMMZ - Title @ ICAO to ICAO.


DD = Day
MON = Month
YY = Year

HH = Hours
MM = Minute
Z = Zulu

Title = Title of your event
ICAO = The 4 letter airport code of the airport your event is at

Also listed in the rules it states " No assigning of gates or pilot slots"

Is it ok now?

Yes the title is ok now.

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