27NOV22| Punta Cana Flyout!

Wont miss em as long as your there. Unfortunate you couldnt complete your EDDF-OTHH qatari airways route though. still best of luck

@Butter575 would it be okay to share one of my events here?

Yeah that’s fine

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Make sure to check out my birthday event at KORD

Back just departed lol. Great event @Butter575

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Heading south to Brazil! Thanks for hosting this event, @Butter575 !

I always forget how nice the departure out of Punta Cana is

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Little reminder 😊

Enjoy the rest of your flight!

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Heading to Miami in the Frontier A321

Oh my bad, I actually didn’t know I couldn’t do that. Thanks for bringing that to my attention @Marc :)

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@Quacknanomous looks like youll be landing like 20 minutes before me

I’ll be decendig shortly

true. see you there

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Here are some photos

I landed just now

I just landed in Lisbon after 6 hrs and 50 minutes

Thanks again @Butter575 for hosting

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Let’s gooooo

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Highlights otw up to Miami

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