27NOV22| Punta Cana Flyout!

Welcome to the Punta Cana Flyout hosted by @Butter575! I can’t wait for this flyout and to make this airport look alive! Hope to get many signups for this event!

Airport: MDPC
Server: Expert
Date: 27NOV22

Terminal A
Gate Airline Aircraft Route User
P01 TUI 787-8 Bonaire @AviatorEgcc
P02 Air Transat A330-300 Montreal @RickysAviationYT
P03 Air Belgium A330-900 Brussels
P04 TAP A330-900 Lisbon @United403
P06 JetBlue A320 Fort Lauderdale @Justin_Betances
P07 Air Caribies A350-900 Port-au-Prince @Butter575
P08 Spirit A321 Orlando @TAVAQuarch
P09 Spirit A320 Fort Lauderdale
P10 Sun Country 737-800 Minneapolis @JMacMcd
P11 GOL 737-800 São Paulo @TheGynSpotter
Terminal A Remote
Gate Airline Aircraft Route User
N01 Westjet 737-800 Toronto @AirCanada11
N02 Air Canada 787-9 Toronto @ThatOneFloridaAvGeek
N03 United 737-900 Houston @AviationJack
N04 United 737-800 Washington @CaptainE
N05 United 737-800 Chicago @plane_guy12
Terminal B (FULL)
Gate Airline Aircraft Route User
B20 American A321 Philadelphia @FlyAndCrash
B21 American 737-800 Miami
B22 American 737-800 Charlotte @Ryan_Carney
B23 Air France 777-300 Paris @Lloyd-Aviation
B24 American 737-800 Miami @Flyin.Hawaiian
B25 Air France 777-300ER Paris @anon38552190
B26 Frontier A320 San Juan @Carlos_J
B27 Frontier A320 Philadelphia @Quacknanomous
B28 Avianca A320 Bogota @Guillermo_313
B29 Frontier A321 Miami @Jaiden_Cole
B30 Copa Airlines 737-800 Panama City @coolguy_bob
B31 Avianca A320 Bogota @virtualstudentpilot3
VIP Stands
Gate Airline Aircraft Route User
VIP Stand 01
VIP Stand 02

Frequency Controller


  • I am not responsible for violations
  • Follow ATC instructions
  • Act professionally

Photo Credit

Photo 1:

MDPC | Airport | Airport Overview | Jimmy Lorenzo | JetPhotos

Photo 2

MDPC | Airport | Ramp | Johan S. Gomez | JetPhotos

Photo 3

MDPC | Airport | Control Tower | Sergio Luis Luna Navarro | JetPhotos


Let’s get some signups coming

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This please

This as well my food sir

I’ll get you down

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Let’s get some more signups

E175 Tulip to KMDW pls

I’ll get you down

I’ll take this!

@Butter575 would it be possible to sponsor this event?

American to Charlotte please

@Ryan_Carney @Flyin.Hawaiian signed up

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Cool flyout! Could I get this please?
N03 United 737-800 Newark

I’ll get you down

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Thank you so much!

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Let’s get some more signups

@Butter575 Could I sponsor this event??

No sponsors.