|27NOV22| 16:00Z The Mega Mumbai Flyout @VABB

Summary: Hello IFC! This event will be a flyout from Mumbai, India! You can fly the route of your choice. I chose Mumbai since there hasn’t been many events in India, so I thought Mumbai being a 3D airport would be a great choice!

Server: Expert Server

Airport: VABB

Time: 16:00Z

image|273x184 (Mumbai Airport)

Domestic Terminal:
Gate A01:
Gate A02:
Gate A03:
Gate A04:
Gate A05:
Gate A06:
Gate A07:
Gate A08:
Gate A09:
Gate A10:
Gate A11:
Gate A12:

International Terminal:
Gate V04:
Gate V05:
Gate V06:
Gate V07:
Gate V08:
Gate V09:
Gate V10:
Gate V11:
Gate V12:
Gate V13:
Gate V14:
Gate V15:
Gate V16:
Gate V17:
Gate V18:
Gate V19:
Gate V20:
Gate V21:
Gate V22:
Gate V23:
Gate V24:
Gate V25:
Gate V26: @EnthusiasticAviation (London Heathrow)
Gate V27:
Gate V28:
Gate V29:
Gate V30:
Gate V31:
Gate V32:


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I’ll fly to London Heathrow :)

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What time MST is this

You got it!


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