27NOV21 / 2000Z - London Heathrow Fly-in and Fly-out! @EGLL

Join us on this day as we have a fun time and see some nice departures and arrivals at London Heathrow!

Server: Expert
Airport: EGLL
Time: 2000Z

Air New Zealand | 777-300ER| KLAX-EGLL
Air India| 777-300ER| VABB-EGLL
Air France | Airbus A320-200| LFPG-EGLL: @Capt.Todd
American Airlines| 777-300ER| KCLT-EGLL: @RealLukejw
Aeroflot| 777-300ER| UUEE-EGLL
Aer Lingus| A320-200| EIDW-EGLL
Aegean| A320-200| LGAV-EGLL
Air Canada| 777-300ER| CYYZ-EGLL
Air Mauritius| A350-900| FIMP-EGLL
All Nippon| 777-300ER| RJTT-EGLL
Alitalia| A321-200| LIMC-EGLL
Austrian| A321-200| LOWW-EGLL
Avianca| 787-8| SKBO-EGLL
Azerbaijan Airlines| 787-8| UBBB-EGLL
British Airways| A380-800| KLAX-EGLL
British Airways| A320-200| EDDM-EGLL
British Airways| A320-200| EGPH-EGLL
British Airways| 777-300ER| KBOS-EGLL: @Captain_Benjamin
British Airways| 787-9| KPHX-EGLL
Brussels Airlines| A319-100| EBBR-EGLL
Cathay Pacific| 777-300ER| VHHH-EGLL
China Airlines| A350-900| RCTP-EGLL
China Eastern| A350-900| ZSPD-EGLL
China Southern| 787-8| ZGGG-EGLL
Croatia AIrlines| A319-100| LDZA-EGLL
Delta| A350-900| KDTW-EGLL
Egypt Air| 777-300ER| HECA-EGLL
Emirates| A380-800| OMDB-EGLL
Ethiopian| A350-900| HAAB-EGLL
El Al| 737-800| LLBG-EGLL
Etihad| 787-10| OMAA-EGLL
Finnair| A321-200/A350-900| EFHK-EGLL
Garuda Indonesia| 777-300ER| WIII-EGLL
Gulf Air| A321-200| OBBI-EGLL
Iberia| A321-200| LEMD-EGLL
Iberojet| A330-900neo| LEMD-EGLL: @AndrewGraham
Iceland Air| 757-200| BIKF-EGLL
JetBlue| A321-200| KJFK-EGLL
Jet Airways| A330-300| VABB-EGLL
KLM| 737-700| EHAM-EGLL
Korean Airways| 747-8| RKSI-EGLL
Kuwait| 777-300ER| OKBK-EGLL
LOT Polish Airlines| 737-800| EPWA-EGLL
Lufthansa| A320-200| EDDF-EGLL: @Connor.CHARLES
Malaysia| A350-900| WMKK-EGLL
Phillipines Airlines| 777-300ER| RPLL-EGLL
Qantas| 787-9| YSSY-EGLL
Qatar| A350-900| OTHH-EGLL
SAS| A350-900| EKCH-EGLL: @SWA1997
Royal Jordanian| 787-8| QAIA-EGLL
Royal Air Maroc| 787-8| GMMN-EGLL
Singapore Airlines| A350-900| WSSS-EGLL
South African| A340-600| FAOR-EGLL
Swiss| A320-200| LSZH-EGLL
Sri Lanken| A330-300| VCBI-EGLL: @tooambitious
Saudia| 777-300ER| OEJN-EGLL: @HUMVEE
TAP Air Portugal| A320-200| LPPT-EGLL
Thai| A350-900| VTBS-EGLL
Turkish| 777-300ER| LTFM-EGLL
United Airlines| A350-900| KIAD-EGLL
Uzbekistan Airlines| 757-200| UTTT-EGLL
Virgin Atlantic| A340-600| KJFK-EGLL
Virgin Atlantic| 787-9| KLAX-EGLL
Vietnam Airlines| A350-900| VVTS-EGLL

For the departures section, please give me your information in this order
Airline| Aircraft| Route
Gate T2: Air India| 787-9| EGLL-VOCI: @Captain_Dreamliner
Any Terminal 3 Gate: Emirates | A388| EGLL-OMDB| @Krishnendu_Banerjee

Cathay Cargo| 747-400(Substitution for freighter)| EGLL-KORDOR KORD-EGLL: @KSM_King_Storm
Emirates Sky Cargo| 777-200F| EGLL-OMDB OR OMDB-EGLL
Qatar Cargo| 777-200F| EGLL-OTTH OR OTHH-EGLL
Singapore Cargo| 777-300ER(All Cargo Flight)| EGLL-OMDW OR EGLL-KORD
Turkish Cargo| 777-200F| EGLL-LTBA OR LTBA-EGLL

ATC would be much appreciated! If interested please contact @Deakin_pope by DM and tell which service you will control!

-Neither I or anyone else is responsible for your violation!
-If IFATC is not active, please use Unicom!
-If you choose to depart, please make a realistic airline and route!
-The event will be from 2000Z until 2200Z, so please plan your arrival in between this time.
-If you would like to do an arrival not listed, please let me know in this format: Airline| Aircraft| Route
-I do not expect every arrival to be booked, but I made many so that there is a variety of airlines and destinations

I cant wait to see you guys!

Good Day!


If you have already seen this. I changed the time to Saturday, November 27th 2021, the event will be at 2000Z. Could you guys please tell me if this time works, or another time would be better. Thanks!


This will be awesome!! Can’t wait!!

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Il bring Iberojet A330 LEMD- EGLL callsign Evelop881VA if that’s ok

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Absolutely your all signed!

Great. Thanks

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What aircraft and route will you bring doing

I’ll take this arrival please and thank you!

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Very nice choice Ben!

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Hey i’d like to fly in from VOCI on Air India B787

Thank You

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Ive got you all signed up! Thanks for joining!

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I miss this route

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Do you want to fly it ?

Thank You…i’ll be departing not arriving

Can i get a gate in T2?

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hello can I have Sri Lankan I will be departing from vcbi A330 i may not be able to attend but let you know on 25 November callsign Sri Lankan 789

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No worries! You are all reserved!

Yes you can! Sorry about the mix up!

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np…thank you

Remember to sign up everybody! About one week till the event!

Can I fly the American B77W in from Charlotte?

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