27NOV21 / 1800Z - The Great Turkish Flyout! @LTFM

Good Day IFC!

I present to you the Great Turkish Flyout! I know this is being posted on short notice however I hope we can get as many people as possible. The event will take place at Istanbul’s New Airport @LTFM. Gates will be listed on this post once we get some signups.

Rules for the event:

  • Event shall take place on TRAINING server
  • Event shall start at the given time exactly unless stated otherwise
  • No Trolling please!
  • Please make sure you are parked at the correct gate
  • Follow ALL ATC instructions carefully
  • Do not spam ATC

If anyone is willing to ATC staff LTFM ground and tower for the flyout please let me know


Concourse B:

Gate B18L: @Swiss0129 TO ZURICH


Gate B8L

Gate B6L

Gate B4

Gate B2

Concourse C:

Gate C4

Gate C3

Gate C2

Gate C1

Concourse D:

Gate D1

Gate D3

Gate D5

Gate D7

Gate D9

Gate D11

Gate D13

Gate D15

Gate D17

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I would like to take a flight up to Zurich in the A330

I’ll take a flight in a widebody heading to South America or Oceania, I’ll let you know the details later today.
Just a question: why on the TS?

No problems. The last time I organized an event I got requests asking for a change to training server so I thought I would just organize this event for TS, however if anyone desperately wants to fly on ES then I can change it

Sorry. I don’t understand?

i think we talk it of with @MainSky and other contestants on which server we fly

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Oh okay. Fine with me

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It was just a question, for me it’s the same TS or ES

I’ll be heading to SCIP, callsign Turkish 661 (don’t know if A333, A359 or B773 in Turkish livery)

Ok. Thank you

So do we fly Ts or Es

Finally I’ll take an A359. See you in an hour

I won’t be able to make it
Im sorry for leaving you alone guys

Ok, so I’ll go to the ES

Enjoy your flight

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