27NOV20 / 1300Z - Exploring the Alps! @OTHH - LSZH

Hey Everyone! Thanks for checking out my event :)


Server: Training Server

Airport: OTHH - Hamad International Airport

Time: 2020-11-28T13:00:00Z2020-11-28T18:30:00Z

Flight Time: 5 hours, 30 minutes

Airline: Qatar Airways

Aircraft: Airbus 350 (A350)

Taxi & Take-Off At Hamad Intl:-

Gates At Doha (Concourse C):-

Gate Number IFC Username
Gate C01 @aryachopra
Gate C02 @SWA1997
Gate C03 @shayaanahmed247
Gate C04 @Swiss_1_aviation
Gate C05 @Aviation108
Gate C06 @plane_guy12
Gate C07 @Deltadev13
Gate C08 @Carloslikesplanes23
Gate C09 @Emmanuel_Lee_Chua
Gate C10

Gates At Zürich Intl (Dock E):-

Gate Number IFC Username
Gate 19 @aryachopra
Gate 20 @shayaanahmed247
Gate 22 @SWA1997
Gate 23 @Swiss_1_aviation
Gate 24 @Aviation108
Gate 25 @plane_guy12
Gate 26 @Deltadev13
Gate 27 @Carloslikesplanes23
Gate 28 @Emmanuel_Lee_Chua
Gate 29

Important Information:
Cruise: 36,000 ft
Speed: 0.85 mach
Copy FPL from me!

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I will take this one pls

And land at this one

I’ll join, but can u make it expert server

You have been signed up!

I would but more people can join this way :)

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Sure :) I will sign you up in a bit!

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ok thanks aryachopra

I’ll take C04 please! Should be a fun flight!

And I can park at gate 23 in Zurich

Sadly I can’t join though I gotta say you got really neat handwriting


Hahaha thanks :)

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You are set and ready to go!

Hey! You have gates C05 & 24 as @Swiss_1_aviation asked for the ones you did first! See you soon!

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Oh, oops! Thanks for giving me a gate

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No problem :)

Can I grab a gate?

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Why not?! I will assign it in 30 minutes!

Thanks you so much!

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