27MAY23 | The Massive Salt Lake City Flyout | 1500Z

I mean if you got your screen replaced by someone other than apple

@butter575 you can go first

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and im safely off! 30 minutes to my home

@poncho41 Enjoy your flight to london on my absolute favorite plane ever

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thanks enjoy your flight to kjac 🀝

My el Classico

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@poncho41 i couldnt stop watching your speed lol
it was so interesting

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@poncho41 does your flight plan take you over the Jackson VOR? or VOR DNW?

it takes me over dnw

i think my vertical speed was too highπŸ˜‚

intrigued united noises

only the views of my valley

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london heathrow is my el classico 🀝

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@ThatOneFloridaAvGeek would you mind if i shared 2 of my events?

Of course, go ahead

@poncho41 Enjoy the tailwinds

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its certainly gonna get me to heathrow 15 minutes quicker πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

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a bit of a bumpy ride for me with turbulence and then smooth for a few hours and then bumpy again and. then its a smooooth ride at the end of the north atlantic

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@United403 you look DANGEROUSLY close to the mountains

its the published GPS approach for 01
but the winds just changed so i have to fly visual and land 19