27MAY23 | The Massive Salt Lake City Flyout | 1500Z

For sure!

Event bump

I’ll take this please!

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Bumping this event!

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Bumping this!!

What gate did you sign me up for?

So sorry, it’s so hard to juggle all these events at the same time 🥲

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You know what this event needs? Some more signups!

You know it!

I’ll snag this one please

Sure I’ll sign you up


I bet you to it 😆

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Unfortunately, since the Breeze Virtual event is also on this day, I sadly won’t be able to attend.

can i have this gate but in a delta a330 going to egll?

Can I have this gate

Event bump

I’ll sign y’all up so sorry for being late

Few more days!

I may need to depart early since I have the Breeze event happening shortly after

No problem! Accommodate yourself accordingly:)

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