27MAY23 | The Massive Salt Lake City Flyout | 1500Z

Fixed the A24., anything else?

Other than that looks like a fantastic fly out. Well done

Thank you.

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B1-B11? (haven’t worked that side in a long time) is Delta but by the time your flyout is the first section of new A Gates will be open (I will be one of the first to work those) so dont change what you have.

Sounds great.

I mean i saw B26 on a flight (via flightaware) but didn’t see it in the event and later saw B26 isn’t in IF

Really sorry if im throwing the thread off lol, but yeah aint open. The eastern side of B Gates is going up super fast should be done next year

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Dare I ask what this is then


A mistake.

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If i remember I’ll take a pic tomorrow, this is the more recent one I have and the main frame is built with some side panels now on. This is from Nov last year

I’ll take this one. Hopefully I’ll have pro again by the time this happens

I’ll take this one! :)

Man…. I would have sign up ATC for you, but that would be on my graduation day. Wish you all the best of luck with your event! 🙂


It’s alright! Happy graduation :)

You’re signed up

Realy nice event. Salt lake city is one of my loved destinations!

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I’ll take this please and thank you!

For sure :)

Let’s fill up salty lakes :)

Can I have a A330-900 to OGG

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