27MAY20 / 1730Z - Long Haul to Sydney! @RJTT-YSSY

Aircraft and Livery: Boeing 78X (ANA Livery)
Route: RJTT (Tokyo Haneda) to YSSY (Sydney)
Time of Departure: 2020-05-27T17:30:00Z
Server: Expert Server

We will spawn in at Gate 151, at the International Terminal. Copy my flight plan. Flight time is approximately 9 hours. Thanks for reading!

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You give us no time. Sorry but I can’t do a flight in an hour.

I am sorry, I should have posted earlier. It is okay and totally my fault!

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I would join if I could also I’m doing one this evening

gotcha. i now know to give you a lot more time. thanks for the good feedback!

If you can change it to training server then I can join, but if you can’t that’s totally fine

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