27MAR21 / 1900Z - Invading the Florida Coast @ KMIA

Gate D21| SBGR - São Paulo | B77W | 8h15

Can I switch to this gate please? Thanks!

New signups set :) @Chris_Martin & @Isaias_Silva
Sure thing! I switched you @MJP_27

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I’ll reserve this gate please, put me on standby for the moment. Callsign is AAVA102 👍

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I would also like cancun AAVA175

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I’ll put you down @AviatorJack
I’ve put you in E30 :) @bbhusty

I’ll take this please

Can I change my gate to this

May I have this one, AAVA599

@Aviation2929 - sure thing!
@zion89 - no problem, you’ll be coming from Baltimore now
@Seth_N - of course!

See you in a few hours,

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Sorry for the late notice but I am having dinner a little later than usual tonight so the landing time will be too tight unfortunately, I will not be able to attend. Sorry

Could I do Gate D44, KLGB, B738 please?

Getting ready to depart KDFW in a little bit!

En route to Miami.

i wont be able to join cause i really want to do another flight

sorry guys

I’m on descent to Miami

Sorry I am unable to make the event

On final for 8R into Miami.

We hope you guys enjoyed the event! Thanks for coming all!


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