27MAR21 / 1900Z - Invading the Florida Coast @ KMIA

Found it ;)

I’ll take this flight :)

Its only right. You already know where im going… 👀

Do u have to be in AAVA to sign up? Just wondering

I’ll take this gate please!

I’ll take this one, please :)

Sign me up for the flight to Lima

you dont, i am not affiliated with any VA and i signed up

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I would like this one pls

Signed you guys up :) @heavy929 @Anthony_Stafford @IF_KGRR @IFChile-SpeedbirdCL @Kevinsoto1502 @anon74260613 @Cooper_Marcukaitis @Ethan_Brown

@SWA1997, you don’t have to be in AAVA. Since the gate you requested is taken, I’ll put you in a different one, same route though.



Thank you @AmericanVirtual
Let me know which gate u put me at thank you

I’ve put you at D28

@Anthony_Stafford @Ethan_Brown - just so you know, it’s a fly-in, so you’ll be flying FROM the airports listed

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Question why did you put me down as an A321 can you put me down as a 787 for the flight from Lima

|D14 Santiago SCEL B789 8:10

I’ll take this one but what airline?

Mind if I take this one?

@AviatorEgcc - All your’s. We’re flying American Airlines ;)
@B6_Andreas - No problem! Glad to have you join :)


Hey @AmericanVirtual. I have plans for 1900Z, so I’ll be unable to attend. Really sorry

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I’ll take this gate please.

@LuminousNate - You got it :)
@JetSuperior5192 - I understand, please do let us know if those change :)

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Gate 29 please AAVA19