27MAR21 / 1900Z - Invading the Florida Coast @ KMIA

American Virtual Presents: Miami Airport Fly-In

Miami International Airport is American’s main gateway hub to Latin America, South America and to the Caribbean. American Airlines facilitates 67% of the passenger traffic to and from Miami; thus, they play a significant role the travel that transpires throughout Florida’s east coast. Furthermore, the stunning white-sand beaches and the year-round warm weather makes it the ideal place of travel for all types of tourists! By 2040, Miami International Airport expects to process 77 Million passengers annually, as well as contributing to 1,000 daily flights to Europe, Latin America and the United States. Whether you are flying to Santiago, Chile, or the tropical palms on Barbados, Miami is the perfect airport to fly through.

Event Start Time/Date: 2021-03-27T19:00:00Z
Event End Time/Date: 2021-03-27T20:00:00Z
Airport: KMIA - Miami International Airport
Server: Expert

Concourse D
Gate Origin ICAO Aircraft Flight Time Pilot
D01 Bogota SKBO A320 3:35
D02 Dallas KDFW B772 2:45 @zand3r
D03 Newark KEWR A321 2:35
D04A Sao Paulo SBGR B772 8:15
D05A Buenos Aires SAEZ B772 8:30
D07 Cali SKCL A320 3:25
D08A Los Angeles KLAX B77W 4:05
D09 Seattle KSEA A321 5:40 @AlaskaAirFan
D10A New York - JFK KJFK B772 3:40 @B6_Andreas
D14 Santiago SCEL B789 8:10 @AviatorEgcc
D15 Guatemala City MGGT B738 2:15 @heavy929
D16 Charlotte KCLT A321 1:45
D17 Mexico City MMMX B738 2:50
D19 Medellin SKRG B738 3:30
D20 Cleveland KCLE B738 2:45
D21 Sao Paulo SBGR B77W 8:15 @Isaias_Silva
D22 Dallas-Forth Worth KDFW A321 2:10 @Aviation2929
D23A Rio de Janeiro SBGL B789 8:30
D24 Boston KBOS B738 3:10
D25 San Juan TJSJ B772 3:00 @Kevinsoto1502
D26 Baltimore KBWI B738 2:50 @zion89
D28 London EGLL B77W 9:30 @SWA1997
D29 Santiago SCEL B789 8:00 @Chris_Martin // AAVA19
D30 Las Vegas KLAS A320 4:30
D31 Houston KIAH B738 2:30
D32 Punta Cana MDPC B738 2:35 @IFChile-SpeedbirdCL
D34 San Juan TJSJ A321 3:00
D36 Antigua TAPA B738 3:20
D37 Guayaquil SEGU B789 4:10 @Udeme_Ekpo
D38 Orlando KMCO B738 1:00
D39 Barbados TBPB B738 3:55 @FlyIf_0011IFPA
D40 Phoenix KPHX A321 4:15
D41 San Fransisco KSFO A321 5:20 @cptlogue // AAVA7
D42 Tampa KTPA B738 0:40 @anon74260613
D43 Atlanta KATL B738 1:50
D44 New York - LGA KLGA B738 3:10
D45 Los Angeles KLAX A321 4:45
D46 Quito SEQM A321 4:00 @tjb0709
D47 Seattle KSEA A321 6:35 @Seth_N
D48 Chicago KORD B738 3:15
D49 Washington KDCA B738 2:40 @LuminousNate
D50 Boston KBOS B738 3:50
D51 Charlotte KCLT A321 1:45
D60B Kansas City KMCI E175 2:45
D60C Cincinnati KCVG E175 2:45
D60D Key West KEYW E175 0:50
D60E Richmond KRIC E175 2:30
D60F Birmingham KBHM E175 2:00
D60G Jacksonville KJAX E175 1:20
D60H Birmingham KBHM E175 1:35
D60J Monterrey MMMY E175 2:45
D60K Norfolk KORF E175 2:15
D60L Omaha KOMA E175 3:00
D60M Louisville KSDF E175 2:15
D60N Grand Rapids KGRR E175 2:55 @IF_KGRR
D60P Merida MMMD E175 1:40
D60Q Austin KAUS E175 2:15
D60R Columbus KCMH E175 2:25
Concourse E
Gate Origin ICAO Aircraft Flight Time Pilot
E2 Cancun MMUN A321 1:30 @Cooper_Marcukaitis
E4 Providenciales MBPV A320 1:30
E5 Mexico City MMMX B738 2:30
E6 Washington D.C. KDCA B738 2:55
E7 Phoenix KPHX B738 3:40
E8 New York - JFK KJFK B772 3:15 @MJP_27 // AAVA227
E9 Port Au Prince MTPP B738 2:00
E10 Lima SPJC B789 5:25 @Ethan_Brown
E11 Los Angeles KLAX B772 4:20 @AviatorJack // AAVA102
E20 Santo Domingo MDSD A321 2:10
E21 London EGLL B77W 9:30 @Anthony_Stafford
E22 Pensacola KPNS E175 1:30
E23 San Salvador MSLP B738 2:15
E24 Charleston KCHS E175 1:20
E25 Memphis KMEM E175 2:10
E30 Cancun MMUN A321 1:30 @bbhusty // AAVA175
E31 Raleigh-Durham KRDU E175 2:00
E33 Indianapolis KIND E175 2:50

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Image Credits: @NoahM

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Can I have this gate

D26 please!

  • AAVA227

I will take this route thank you

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This please thank you!

@zion89 @MJP_27 @Udeme_Ekpo @tjb0709
Sure thing! You’re all signed up now :)



Thanks @AmericanVirtual

Thanks @AmericanVirtual

will take this immediately cause its my home airport
can i use TWA Heritage

I’ll take this gate! :)

No flights from Merida??? (MMMD-MID)

@FlyIf_0011IFPA – you make use that livery :)
@zand3r – you got it!
@JetSuperior5192 – I’ll accommodate you in D60P. E175 used in real life ;)



Sweet. I know that since Merida Is my home Airport. Thanks for adding me @AmericanVirtual

I’ll take this one please. Could I use my Alaska Virtual callsign as a codeshare?

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Sure thing! Everyone is welcome :)

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Thanks! Callsign is ASVA146

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I’ll take this gate!

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You got it, Jack!

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D15|Guatemala City|MGGT|B738|2:15|

I will take this one if still available.

Can I have London Heathrow to Miami please