27JUN21/2000Z A group flight from KPHL - KCLT!

Welcome to my first ever group flight! I am so excited to be doing this tomorrow! Also if you are joining, please reply. That will help tons!

Today you will spawn in a B738 Southwest Heart.

We will be flying from KPHL - KCLT.

This flight will be at 2100Z (4:00 EST)
This event will take place on the Expert Server!

  • **Additional Information: Please copy my flight plan. Spawn at any spots available at Terminal E.

Hey sorry to burst your bubble but.

It is with a VA, so unfortunately it can not be done, but you can post it in NAPC’s Group flight channel.

It appears you posted it about 4 hours in advance.

Looks like a nice event though!

Since you are TL2, flip this over to #live:events and you should be golden

Ok I will change those as soon as possible. Also could you delete the message so it does not effect the the group flight

I believe mods can only close the post, as indicated by a padlock next to the post title. I could very well be wrong tho.

No I meant delete the reply

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