27JUN21 / 1800Z - Wizz Virtual Presents: Leaving Bulgaria's Biggest City @LBSF [COMPLETED]

Welcome to Bulgaria, a country located in #eu-east, hosted by @WizzVirtual. As we visit many hubs in our network, in this event we are featuring Sofia, capital city of Bulgaria. Sofia is a vibrant canvas portraying the past, present and future of its people, land and culture. The architecture, cuisine and lifestyle of the Sofians reflects the Roman, Greek and Ottoman impact on this Balkan foothold.

We will fly from it’s main airport: LBSF. Located 10km of the center of Sofia, is one of the main hubs for Wizz Air and WZZVA. Wizz Air serves a lot of unique flights to unique destinations, including Budapest, Luton, Lanarca, and a lot more. This event is public and everyone can join!

Date and Time: 2021-06-27T18:00:00Z
Event Type: Flyout
Server: Expert Server
Airport: LBSF (Sofia, Bulgaria)

These routes are operated by WizzAir only, so you can use the A321 or A320.

Gate Destination Pilot
Remote 12 Malta (LMML) @Trainsim94_Official
Remote 13 Nice-Cote D’ azur (LFMN)
Remote 14 Brussels Charleroi (EBCI)
Remote 15 Valencia (LEVC) @MainSky
Remote 16 Málaga (LEMG)
Remote 17 Alicante-Elche (LEAL)
Remote 17 Barcelona El-Prat (LEBL)
Remote 18 Geneva (LSGG) @JetSuperior5192
Remote 19 Paris-Beauvais (LFOB) @Wesley_Fry
Remote 20 Rome “Leonardo da Vinci” (LIRF) @SAAL
Remote 21 Catania (LICC) @Sam_D206
Remote 22 Madrid-Barajas (LEMD)
Remote 23 Budapest (LHBP) @JPC
Remote 24 Abu Dhabi (OMAA) @tjb0709
Remote 25 Dubai (OMDB) @Jeffery_Stephenson
Remote 26 Tel Aviv (LLBG) @Alexian61
Remote 27 Santorini (LGSR)
Remote 28 Conpehagen-Kastrup (EKCH) @askrdl
Gate 1 Bratislava (LZIB) @Jakub_Astary
Gate 2 Bratislava (LZIB) @RickG
Gate 3 Bratislava (LZIB) @Speedbird222

ATC is confirmed as shown in the list below:

Frequency Controller
Ground @yazen
Tower @yazen

WizzAir Virtual Pilots are requested to use their callsign

  • Respect every pilot during the event

  • With the ATC region assignments, any IFATC from the #eu-east region can control this event. So please follow the instructions from the controllers.

  • If ATC is not present, use Unicom correctly. Do not spam, troll, and fly unprofessionally.

  • Please make sure to know where your gate is before spawning.

  • Most importantly: Have Fun!

Note: WZZVA is not responsible for any Violations or Reports you may recieve.

Interested in joining Wizz Air Virtual?


Please note that Wizz Air Virtual is a non-profit organization officially approved and acknowledged by the Infinite Flight Virtual Airline Regulatory Board. All logos, brand names, and pictures belong to their respective owners. Wizzair Virtual is not affiliated with the real-life Wizz Air, Infinite Flight, or any other organization. If you’d like to visit Wizz Air’s official website, follow this link .


I’ll grab this gate please :)

Callsign: WZZVA006

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Can I take this one please?

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Excellent event!👏
Can i have this pretty please? Thank you

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I’ll have this!

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@JetSuperior5192 @Alexian61 @SAAL @tjb0709 you all have been set. Enjoy your flight!

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This please :)

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Hey! EU-East IFATC here, you can change it to ATC-staffed. I’ll try and be there and get a radar officer to join me. However because there’s a lot of time left until the event this might change, I’ll inform you if it does! See you there, follow instructions hehe😆😂

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Of course. You have been signed up! Enjoy!

@yazen thanks a lot for staffing this event! We look foward seeing the professional skills from the Expert Server ATC!


I’ll do omdb

I will take a long flight please.

I’ll take this route

@Wesley_Fry unfortunately we are not serving long-hauls at this time. You may choose a gate from the list above

@askrdl & @Jeffery_Stephenson you have been signed up. Enjoy!

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This one please?

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Sorry sorry I just changed my base at Wizz to Catania so is it possible to add a Catania flight? If it operates ofc

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@Jakub_Astary @Wesley_Fry @Sam_D206 @Speedbird222 @RickG you all have been set! Enjoy the event!


hello! please book this flight for me, thanks!

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@JPC Apologies for the late response. You have been signed up! Enjoy!

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Let’s get more people for the Sofia Flyout. Only a few gates remain and we still have 8 days to go!

Valencia for me, please

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