27JUN20 / 1900Z - The 404 Flyout @KATL [CANCELLED]

The Atlanta Adventure


@PilotCSG’s Atlanta Flyout


About Atlanta airport:



June 27,2020 3:00PM

Airport: ATL/KATL

Server: Expert

Departure runway: 8L,8R

Arrival runway: 9L, 9R

Spawn 20 minutes before the event begins.

Most, if not all routes/aircraft can be modified upon request!

Fly-in Rules

Every Domestic Delta airlines arrival must park at concourse B.

Every Domestic arrival that isn’t Delta airlines must park at concourse T.

Every international arrival must park at concourse F.

Concourse T

T4- Delta B738 to CYYZ @PilotCSG

T5- JetBlue A320 to KBOS @A_Plane_Guy

T6- American A320 to KPHL

T7- United 320 to KDEN @Jackxtreme_48

T8- Spirit 320 to KDTW

T9- Alaska (More to Love Livery) 739 to KSEA @Austrian001

T10- Southwest 738 to KTPA

T11- Southwest 737 to KDFW @Sticks
T12- Frontier 320 to KPHL

T13- United E170 to KIAH

Concourse A

A1 - Delta B739 to KLAX

A2 - Delta A319 to KLGA

A3 - American A320 to KSBA

A4 - Delta B738 to KSAN @Neddheadbedshed_Boom

A5 - Delta A330 to KLAX

A6 - American B738 to KPHX

A7 - Delta B767 to KMSP @Prerb

A8 - Spirit A320 to KFLL

A9 - Delta B738 to KMIA

A10 - Delta B738 to KTPA

A11 - Delta B757 to KMCO

A12 - Delta B757 to KLAX

Contact me if you want to sponsor or be ATC.


The airport has international service within North America and to South America, Central America, Europe, Africa, and Asia. As an international gateway to the United States, Hartsfield–Jackson ranks seventh in international passenger traffic.[7] Many of the nearly one million annual flights are domestic flights; the airport is a major hub for travel in the southeastern region of the country. Atlanta has been the world’s busiest airport by passenger traffic since 1998.
Hartsfield–Jackson began with a five-year, rent-free lease on 287 acres (116 ha) that was an abandoned auto racetrack named The Atlanta Speedway. The lease was signed on April 16, 1925, by Mayor Walter Sims, who committed the city to develop it into an airfield. As part of the agreement, the property was renamed Candler Field after its former owner, Coca-Cola tycoon and former Atlanta mayor Asa Candler.[12] The first flight into Candler Field was September 15, 1926, a Florida Airways mail plane flying from Jacksonville, Florida. In May 1928, Pitcairn Aviation began service to Atlanta, followed in June 1930 by Delta Air Service. Later those two airlines, now known as Eastern Air Lines and Delta Air Lines, respectively, would both use Atlanta as their chief hubs.[13] The airport’s became the official location for Atlanta’s weather observations September 1, 1928, and records by the National Weather Service.

MORE ABOUT ATL. > https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hartsfield–Jackson_Atlanta_International_Airport



Hey, not to be nit-picky or anything, but why only use the 2 northern runways when there’s 5 of them (4 if you consider that IRL 10/28 is closed)?

Oh hey! Lemme change that thanks for the suggestion. Would you like a gate?

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I’ll take T5 for now, but if the event fills up to the point where you include A gates, let me know because I might change.

Alright! You’re all set! I’ll let you know!

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could i have a7 to msp with a delta 767 please?

Yes! You’re all set! :)

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thanks can’t wait!:)

I will take this gate please.

Alright! See you there!!

Alaska to Seattle plz

Alrighty!! You’re all set!

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I live in atl… I have to be there. Lol

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Haha! Me too! I live next to KLZU

I reached my maximum like limit. Lol. I can’t like your post.

Haha its all good!

Those who are planning on attending. The deadline to sign up is June 25,2020 at 5:00PM edt.

I’ll go to KDFW AA 737-8 T-11.

Alright! You’re all set!

Can I have gate A4 to KSAN