27JUN20 / 1700Z - 2nd Annual Seattle Flyout by Alaska Virtual! @KSEA

The 2nd Annual Seattle-Tacoma International Airport Fly-Out!

Welcome to another ASVA event! At Alaska Virtual, we strive to create tradition and great memories with everything we do. With that said, we are pleased to introduce our 2nd Annual Seattle- Tacoma flyout! You may ask, why Seattle? At Alaska Virtual we take great pride in making Seattle our main hub. In addition, as a thank you to all of our amazing, hardworking, and friendly staff, we see no better airport that embodies the Alaska spirit and recognizes the dedication of our staff! With a seemingly endless amount of route options, we hope you’ll find that specific one you love. With routes included that span across the entire United States and even world, we hope you’ll join us in our new tradition and the recognition of our staff!


Airport : KSEA

Time : 1700Z

Date : 2020-06-27T17:00:00Z

Server : Expert


  • Please spawn at your gate at least 10 minutes before event start time.
  • Please be on your best behavior! Do not spam unicom or ATC.
  • Please do not pushback as the person next to you and follow taxi ways.
  • You do not have to be in ASVA to attend. ASVA pilots need to use their assigned VA callsign. You will be held to the same standards in the event as in ASVA.
  • If an aircraft you chose does not have a livery, please use the Generic Livery option.
  • For ASVA pilots you will receive 2x flight time.


Concourse A: Delta and United
Gates/Airline Callsign Destination/Plane
A01 Delta TBD KJFK B752
A02 Delta TBD PHNL B752
A03 Delta TBD PHLI B752
A04 Delta @ILOVE7879-2.0 PHKO B752
A05 Delta TBD PNHL B752
A06 United TBD KIAH B739
A07 Unted TBD KSFO A320
A08 United TBD KORD B738
A09 United TBD KIAD B739
A10 United TBD KDEN B739
A11 Delta TBD PHLI B752
A12 Delta TBD KJFK B752
A13 Delta TBD KATL B739
A14 Delta TBD KMSP B738
Concourse B: Delta, Spirit, JetBlue, Southwest
Gates/Airline Callsign Destination/Plane
B01 Delta TBD KDEN B712
B03 Delta TBD KPHX B738
B04 Delta TBD KBOI E175
B05 Delta TBD KORD A319
B06 Spirit TBD KLAS A320
B07 Delta TBD PANC B739
B08 Southwest TBD KMDW B738
B09 Delta @FloAviation KLAX A320
B10 Southwest TBD KSMF B737
B11 Delta TBD KMKE E175
B12 Southwest TBD KSJC B737
B13 Delta @DanG387 KSLC B738
B14 Southwest TBD KOAK B738
B15 JetBlue @Samuel_Javier KJFK A321
Concourse C: Alaska
Gates/Airline Callsign Destination/Plane
C03 Alaska @elovelin KLAX B739
C09 Alaska @FlyAndCrash KPHL B739
C11 Alaska @Bret_Tjomsland KDEN B739
C15 Alaska @Jossrun KDEN B739
C17 Alaska @Jack_Q KJFK B739
C18 Alaska TBD KSFO B738
C20 Alaska TBD KLAS B738
Concourse D: Alaska and American
Gates/Airline Callsign Destination/Plane
D01 Alaska TBD KBUR A320
D02 Alaska @Qantas1689 KSAT B739
D03 Alaska @Zach0301 KLAX A320
D04 Alaska TBD KDTW A320
D05 Alaska @Pilotcamcam KSFO A320
D07 Alaska @MJP_27 KPDX A320
D08 American TBD KDFW A321
D09 American @ZinZowe KPHX A321
D10 American TBD KPHL A321
D11 American TBD KORD B738
Concourse N: Alaska
Gates/Airline Callsign Destination/Plane
N01 Alaska @HarryH1 KLAX B739
N02 Alaska @cptlogue KLAS B739
N03 Alaska @CaptainZac Fort Lauderdale B739
N04 Alaska KDFW B739
N06 Alaska @Christian_Bancroft PHNL B739
N07 Alaska @Kzn_Star KBUR A320
N08 Alaska TBD KEWR B739
N09 Alaska TBD KOAK B738
N09A Alaska TBD KORD B739
N10 Alaska @Sashaz55 KS
} BA B738
N11 Alaska @Pingu KDCA B738
N12A Alaska TBD KRDU B738
N12B Alaska TBD KHOU A320
N12C Alaska TBD KORD B739
N12D Alaska @Tsumia PAJN B738
N12E Alaska @Austrian001 PAJN B739
N14 Alaska TBD MMSD B738
N15 Alaska @anon38496261 PANC B739
N16 Alaska @anon77793723 KBWI A319
Concourse Q: Alaska
Gates/Airline Callsign Destination/Plane
Q01 Alaska @Pilot_Felix KPDX Q400
Q02 Alaska @CMSpotter CYVR Q400/E175
Q03 Alaska TBD KRNO Q400
Q04 Alaska TBD KGEG Q400
Q05 Alaska TBD KBOI Q400
Q06 Alaska TBD KLWS Q400
Q07 Alaska TBD KMFR Q400
Q09 Alaska TBD KPDX Q400
Q10 Alaska TBD KSJC E175
Q12 Alaska TBD KOKC E175
Q13 Alaska TBD CYYC E175
Q14 Alaska TBD KLAS E175
Q15 Alaska TBD KBZN E175
Q16 Alaska TBD KDAL E175
Concourse S: Delta, IcelandAir, British Airways, Virgin Atlantic, Lufthansa, Emirates, Eva
Gates/Airline Callsign Destination/Plane
S1A Delta TBD KPHX B738
S01 Delta TBD KDTW B739
S02 British Airways @ThatFlightSimGuy_24 EGLL B772
S03 Delta TBD RKSI A333
S04 Delta TBD KSFO A319
S05 Delta TBD RJTT A333
S06 Delta TBD KJFK B739
S07 Delta @The_Real_Plane_Spott EHAM A333
S09 Virgin Atlantic @JGrant639 EGLL B789
S11 IcelandAir TBD BIKFI B752
S12 IcelandAir @mcribb1 BIKF B752
S15 Emirates TBD OMBD B773
S16 Lufthansa TBD EDDF B744
Cargo Gates: FedEx, China Airlines Cargo, Atlas, Prime Air
Gates/Airline Callsign Destination/Plane
CARGO 2-11China Airlines Cargo TBD RCTP B744
CARGO 2-13 Atlas TBD RKSI B744
CARGO 2-15 Prime Air TBD KJFK B763 (Generic)


Alaska Virtual is a very professional, popular, and member friendly organization. With some of the hardest working and friendliest staff members, you can always be assured that your questions, problems, and concerns will all be answered or solved in a timely manner. Alaska Virtual uses some of the highest level of technology among virtual airlines, with the usage of slack, airtable, and even a crew center coming soon! Within the slack, you’ll find all the resources you’ll need, messaging systems to any staff member, and communications with 100+ likeminded pilots who are always active and ready for fun and exciting group flights or aviation conversations. Within the airtable, you’ll find an abundance of routes to fly. In fact, we have hundreds of routes at your fingertips between ASVA and codeshare routes such as, VGVA, BAVA, AAVA, NSV, AMVA, CXV, KAV, SVA, SWVA, FAV, and EKV. The possibilities are endless! So why not come join us today! [https://ifasva.weebly.com/join.html ]


Can I please take this? Callsign is ASVA119. Thanks!

Take me for ksea to pajn

Call sign is ASVA103

Seems like you guys are missing some things.. especially the title

Check this thread out for some help



No worries, took care of it.
Anyway, I’ll take any Alaska Airlines gate to PAJN. Thanks!

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N08 to Newark please. Call sign: ASVA077

Can I get gate D05 callsogn ASVA100

Can I get do6? ASVA009

@anon38496261, @Austrian001, @Tsumia, @Pilotcamcam Roger, I have all of you entered. Thanks for signing up!


@Kzn_Star added!

@Christian_Bancroft your added!

I’ll take N1 to LAX plz ASVA005

@HarryH1 your added!

Can I take N07 to Burbank?

@Pingu added!

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Don’t know if this is possible but can I have a 737-800 to KSBA? Callsign ASVA124

@Sashaz55 yes you can!

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Can I have Emirates to Dubai?

@Pilot_Felix added