27JUL20 / 2230Z - Kiwi to the Lone Star @NZAA


Hosted by @Anthony_Williams & @Gtmkm98

Expert Server
Start Time 2020-07-27T22:30:00Z

Airport Info

Flight Info

  • Departure: NZAA

  • Arrival: KIAH

  • Aircraft: Air New Zealand 77W

  • Expected Flight Time: 13:35

  • Copy Flight Plan


  • Maintain roughly 10 nm of separation between pilots
  • Be sure to conduct yourself properly, the Community is watching!
  • I am not responsible for any reports, violations, or any of their relatives if you misbehave, so keep your act straight!

Get these Spicy Gates!


Be sure to give feedback

Yep I’m joining

What gate would you like?

I will take this gate please thank you

Sure thing.

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@Voyager456 would you like a gate?

With only 4 do we want to postpone this for another day?

Can’t make this one, I’m not waking up at 6:30 am. Sorryyy.

@Bobby_Burg not sure yet. I will have an answer by tomorrow.

@Pilot_Felix, alright.

If we go I have built the flight plan.

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Hey everyone, looking for some signups still.

I posted an ad for pilots. Will see what happens.

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@Anthony_Williams, I don’t think I will make it to Auckland on time because I had arrived to Hong Kong at 6:30 AM and now I’m enroute to Auckland and I don’t get there til 8:00 PM. So, can we delay to tomorrow?

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Ok with me

I’ll join. I guess gate 7 is the next open one?

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Choose any gate.
Update for all, event will be delayed, until tomorrow for the same start time.

I would alter the notice to say United or NZ. I have a few friends on UL who might like that trip.

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Aww man looks like a fun flight but sadly its a little to early for me. Best of luck!

Hi guys! Just a quick NOTAM

Do not enter the runway before A2 on 23L as there are runway works currently going on. So unless you want run em’ over.

Alright thank for the advice.

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