27JUL20 / 1900Z - Lets Not Forget About Old Aircraft @ YSSY-WMKK

Hello Everybody
Everybody is flying the bran new aircraft
but nobody is flying any old aircraft in the infinite flight fleet
this is part 1

lets begin!

Server: Expert Server
Plane and Livery: Air Asia X - A330
Flight Plan: Copy mine at the event
Time: 2020-07-27T19:00:00Z

Hope You can Join!


if you want to be apart of the tags for my events, just say so!
if you want to be Removed from my event tags, just say so!

Sorry I wont be able to make it but please keep tagging me hopefully I can join one!

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Hey man! It’s a great idea, and I love the livery but the time isn’t going to work out. Please tag me with your next event tho!

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Hey @Flight2

id recommend putting your event day at least a few days prior to gain more people for the event :) Although no rule says there is a minimum time limit, im just giving you a suggestion.

Anyways, about the event, ill try to come and fly with you! Im not sure yet as i will be ATCing tomorrow and a few other events.


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