27JUL20 / 1700Z - Oshkosh First Ever Airshow Competition Aerobatics! @ KOSH

About Oshkosh Airport

Every year thousands gather at Oshkosh (Canceled this year) to learn, buy, and explore the world for things of aviation. During the couple of days the venture is there, it is the busiest airport in the world. This event is hosted by EAA-Experimental Aircraft Association
For more info check below

KOSH Airport
KOSH | Airport | Airport Overview | Rui Alves | JetPhotos
Airport Diagram

![KOSH] | Aviation Impact Reform|(upload://vmiYGxke7A44fRAHJ1TlJV7llni.jpeg)

Event Notams

  • Spawn in at the correct time (see gate info)

  • There will be no ATC

  • Please be ready before the event

  • On Casual Server (In order to do Aerobatics we will need to be on that server)

  • Follow all instructions given in order for this event to go well

  • If you are watching the Airshow you may not be in a plane bigger than A TBM

  • From 2020-07-27T17:00:00Z


Airshow Pilots

To sign up say your group amount 1-4, then request a time slot during 1700Z-2200Z you can do aerobatics for up to 15min (this may change), then say the aircraft that will be used, then I will give your group gates and give you more info and a group number. Also, make sure your aircraft chosen can fit at a gate. For Aircraft in the show the biggest plane permitted is the A321, you may also do anything smaller than that.
Aerobatic Groups that are signed up

Group number Gate(s) Time Slot Pilot(s) in Group Plane(s) in group
1 NT16 1700Z/10mLength @RT6907 Xcub
2 NT15 NT14 NT17 NT18 1710Z/20mLength @Nate_Schneller @DeltaMD88Fan @Rocco_Palen @Scott_Hamilton F22 & F16 & A-10 & P19
3 N/A 1730Z/10mLength @Kamryn C-17
4 NT13 1830Z/10mLength @JarrettFlies SR22
5 NT12 1800Z/15mLength @nolan_brant12 F16
6 NT11 1900Z/15mLength @MJP_27 Spitfire
7 NT10 1930Z/5mLength @Oskapew Spitfire
8 NT9 1740Z/15mLength @Hari Spitfire
9 NT8 1940Z/5mLength @Prerb Xcub
10 NT7 1945Z/10mLenght @nativetoalaska A-10
11 NT21 2000Z/10mLength @AviatorNikola B717
Watch the Airshow

Request a gate EAA grass Area 1-270 that you have 1700Z-2200Z to watch the airshow during any time of that period that you want, you may fly in but you must be at your gate before the airshow starts, you may also flyout but make sure airshow is over.

If this is confusing I understand because this is this first airshow event you have probably seen so feel free to ask questions!
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You can also find me on Instagram and youtube if you want
Instagram: brodytheflyboy

Special thanks to @Oskapew for making a cool airshow discord!


Any questions @Aero

No, it looks like a cool event! Can you put me on standby for a spectator gate?

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✅new sign ups

Thanks for joining and trying something new

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This seems cool! Could you sign me up for a 1 person(me) slot at 1700z? I will be an XCub and my session will take no longer than 10 minutes. Cheers!

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Can I fly a A-10?

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Could you give me some more info @Delta18 , look at @RT6907 that’s what I need.

✅new sign ups

@RT6907 you will be invited to a DM shortly we’re I will give you more info

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Virtual F-22 Demo Pilot here. Although main ops are shifting to another mobile sim, I’ll give you guys a good show on IF for this one 😉




Ok, just give me all the sign up info, time slot ( make sure it’s not taken) pilot(s) in your group, and Aircraft @Nate_Schneller

I’ll be flying right after the XCub. Demo time is 17 minutes normally (we could bump it up to 20 should we include a Heritage Flight).

Demo team has two members (Myself and @DeltaMD88Fan). One flies the jet, the other acts as a safety observer.


Fun event! I’ll take any spectator gate

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New sign ups ✅

@Nate_Schneller Group
@Will_W Spectating
Thank you for coming looking forward to it


Ill take a Preformer Gate (Any) from 1730Z for 10mn

Ill be doing a C-17 Low Approach at 50 feet :)

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You don’t have to tell me what you’re going to do, just make a good performance :)

I think you will have to fly in from a different airport because there are no gates that can fit the C17

Alright, ill fly in from another airport nearby

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I’ll do my SR-22 Demo!

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What time slot and how long @JarrettFlies

1:30 pm CTD for 10 minutes

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