27JAN21 / 1300Z - Bridging The Gap @ OTHH

They would have been flying 737’s now but they cancelled their order shortly after the pandemic started.

sorry I can’t attend this time can you remove me from the gate

Can I have gate D09?

If anyone at the C gates isn’t coming can I take their gate.

I have given you gate D07. See you there!

Is A321 OK?

Gate D09 please

I am sorry I won’t make it to the event

Sure, A321 will be OK.

No problem, you can take C08, someone had to back out.

One hour until the event everyone! Also not too late to grab a gate. A few reminders:

  • Copy flight plan from me (Qatar 1018)
  • Spawn in no later than 5 minutes prior to departure time

More info to come.

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What altitude are we cruising at?

Not sure yet, will update shortly.

I’ll take the last gate .

I’ll join too

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Awesome! See you there!

You can take D11. See you there!


General Information

Departure runway: 34R
Wait until the person in front of you has rotated before entering the runway
~10NM spacing in air
Flight Time: 0:46
Cruise Altitude: FL300
Speed: 250 to 10000, 293 KIAS to FL280, M0.78
Fuel: 5,424 kgs

Copy FPL from me! Qatari 1018 at gate C2

Begin pushback at the top of the hour!

Take screenshots and have a great flight!


Ok, 34R will be the departure runway then. Thanks for the heads up!


Anyone else just lose the Live server?