27JAN21 / 1300Z - Bridging The Gap @ OTHH

photo: https://mobile.twitter.com/qatarairways/status/1028272539297034240

Doha To Dubai 🇶🇦 ✈️ 🇦🇪

Welcome to beautiful Doha, Qatar! A very significant event in world relations has occurred. Qatar has signed a declaration with Egypt, Bahrain, the UAE, and Syria signaling the end of the blockade between flights, and agreeing to resume diplomatic relations. This means that nonstop flights from Qatar to these countries will resume/already have resumed. A very popular nonstop flight, Doha to Dubai, will be resumed next week on January 27th 2 times daily aboard an A320, operated by Qatar Airways. For this event, we will be doing that flight! However, seeing as Infinite Flight does not have a Qatar A320, we will use the next best thing, an A319.

Server: Expert

Airport: OTHH (Doha)

Time: 1300Z (2021-01-27T13:00:00Z)

Aircraft: Qatar Airways A319

Flight Time (Gate to Gate): 1 hour 10 mins


Please spawn in at your gate no later than 5 minutes prior to scheduled departure time (1300Z)

Please remember to show courtesy to your fellow pilots. Any trolling will result in a L2 or L3 report.

Should IFATC be present, follow any and all instructions given. Remember that ATC commands override your filed flight plan.


To request a gate, simply reply below.

More will be added if needed! I hope to see you there as we celebrate this monumental step in peace!


I’ll take C04 please

You’ve been signed up! See you there.


can i have this gate and also is the A319 the only plane we can use?

This gate please :)

You both have been signed up!

For now, yes the A319 is the only aircraft you can use. I’ll let you know if anything changes!


I will take gate C10

You have been signed up! See you there!

@RTG113 Looks like a nice event but the date in the title must be 27JAN21 as a reminder it is no longer 2020. Thanks!

Please can I take


Thank you :)

Ill take a gate!

You’ve been signed up! See you there!

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Of course! You’ve been signed up, see you there!

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You have been given D3! See you there!

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Thank you! I’m looking forward to it!

I’ll take any gate you can offer please

You’ve been given D5! See you there!

D07 also is it possible if I can if I can use a 737 -800-900 or no

You’ve been given D07! Qatar does not fly 737’s.

Ok thanks you see you then