27FEB24 | Porter Virtual - Our Inaugural Event!

Porter Virtual Presents: Our Inaugural Event!

Thread | Join us!

Welcome to our first ever event!

Toronto is our biggest hub, and its also the center of our event! We will be hosting a fly-in/fly-out at Toronto Pearson! Join us while we celebrate our first week, and look forward to the future at Porter Virtual!

Join us while we build traffic out of Toronto, and enjoy the Canadian Wilderness while we fly out Dash-8 Q400! Fly anywhere, at anytime, and explore the world with us!

Server: Expert
Airport: Toronto Pearson Airport [CYYZ] + Surrounding Airports
ATC: IFATC expected, Obey All Commands


  • Porter Virtual is not responsible for any violations accured during this event.
  • Pilots are responsible for flight planning, and executing their flight.
  • Use of SIDS/STARs are recommended, but plan accordingly.

How do I sign up?

Simply click the RSVP Button, and then respond with the callsign and aircraft you’ll be using, we’ll like your post and bam, your in! And then we’ll see you in the skies!

Main/Other Airports:

  1. Toronto Pearson [CYYZ] - Main Airport
  2. Ottawa [CYOW] - Secondary Airport
  3. Washington Dulles [KIAD] - Secondary Airport
  4. Chicago Midway International Airport [KMDW] - Secondary Airport

IFATC Services

If any member of IFATC would like to contol for this event, please contact @PorterVirtual staff via DM to sign up. We politely ask that any IFATC members who do decide to control, to open different airports around CYYZ to provide realism to everyone.

Toronto Pearson International Airport is the primary airport serving Toronto, its metropolital area and the surrounding region known as the Golden Horseshoe. It is the destination for 75 airlines, has 1,250 daily operations and has 180 destinations across 5 continents. It is the largest and busiest airport in Canada carrying 36.3 million passengers in 2022, the second busiest international air passenger getaway in North America, and the 29th busiest airport in the world.

Virtual Airlines

If you’ve read all of this, and want to join Porter Virtual as a pilot, continue reading to find out a little bit more about us!

We were founded with a simple idea in mind, keeping things simple, so you can enjoy the simple things in life. If you want a laid back experience, while still flying one of the most well known airplanes in the world, we’d like to think we’d be your first choice. With a small handful of routes from 30 minute hops to 6 hour jaunts across the American expanse, we’ve got everything you want! Below is a few links to some important information and our minimum requirements, we look forward to seeing you in the skies with us during this event, and as a pilot!

Minimum Requirements
  1. Grade Three (3) or above,
  2. Must not be IFVARB Watchlisted or Blacklisted,
  3. ​​Thirteen (13) years or older,
  4. Minimum of two (2) flights per month,
  5. Must have a valid copy of Infinite Flight & Pro Subscription,
  6. Be in good standing on the IFC,
  7. ​Have access to Discord and meet minimum age requirements for Discord.

Thread | Website | Application

Porter Virtual is in no way associated, endorsed or supported by the real Porter Airlines. All images belong to their respective owners.

I have school though…

I also have school but I will still join… 20 minutes late

Don’t worry if you can’t immediately attend! It is over 8 hours (2pm - 10pm EST), so if you can’t join exactly on 2pm you are more than welcome to join later in the day!

I can’t join anymore

I’m coming 🫡😁

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There’s still time to join in! If you want to experience the beauty of Canada with us, come along!

since there is still time can i perhaps join

Can’t wait to join today!

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En route to LAX - WestJet 962VG.

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Arrived in Toronto just a little bit ago from Victoria just in time for sunset

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Very busy still 👍🏻
Not long landed in CYOW, bringing the dash back to Pearson shortly on the 23 🫡

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