27FEB22 / 1900Z The Myrtle Beach Flyout @KMYR

Welcome to my second flyout event on the IFC, The Myrtle Beach Flyout. This airport is another small, fun 3D airport in infinite flight and I thought that we could have fun here with a flyout event!

Airport- KMYR

Server- expert server

Time- 1900z (2:00 pm est)

I’m going to need atc for this event below are the atc signups




Please choose a gate and route below you can do any route out of this airport

Terminal A

Gate A1- @NvAviator Baltimore Frontier A320

Gate A3- @Southwest_2115 Baltimore Southwest B737

Gate A5- @TheAviation_YT Baltimore Southwest B737

Remote 1- @Dr3ambigg3r F16 GAF

Remote 2-@KSM_King_Storm Boston Spirit A320

Remote 3-

Gate A6- @bleu Miami Spirit A320

Gate A4- @Barrel Cleveland Spirit A320

Gate A2- @Tom_Jennings LaGuardia Spirit A320

Terminal B

Gate B1-

Gate B2-

Gate B3- @plane_guy12 Atlanta Southwest B737

Gate B4- @Inf_Flght_Midwest Chicago Midway Southwest B737

Gate B5-

Gate B6-

I’m looking forward to this event. Contact me if you have any questions happy flying 😀


Looking forward to this myself :)

Same here u wanna sign up

If you don’t mind having a F16 in the crowd I’d love to sign up.

Ok what gate

may i have gate A6 spirit airlines a320 to MIA pls

Ur signed up

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Gate A1 frontier A320 to Baltimore pls

Remote 1 please

Ur both signed up

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And I’ll join your flight

What route do u want

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U want to do a group flight

On this sure

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Than the one your doing

Ok signing u up

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We need more signups

Hey could I please have Remote 2 to KBOS Boston with Spirit A320

Can i get a Southwest B737 to KATL?

Can I have Spirit A320 to KBDL?