27FEB21 / 2200Z - Welcome to Argentina: Buenos Aires @ SAEZ & SABE (Finished)

Presented by your hosts: @Butter_Boi & @Mateo_CD


Welcome to Argentina! In this event we are focusing on Buenos Aires, the capitol city of the country. The city has a lot of landmarks, includng Plaza De Mayo (in the middle of the city), La Casa Rosada,the Obelisco and a lot of things to see! We are flying out from 2 airports: Ezeiza, the International airport (SAEZ), and Aeroparque, for national flights (SABE). There’s a 3rd airport: El Palomar, but only private jets flies there actually.


Server: Expert
Date & Time: 2021-02-27T22:00:00Z
Airports: Ministro Pistarini (SAEZ), Aeroparque Jorge Newbery (SABE)


  • Respect Unicom: Don’t Troll, Don’t spam and don’t send useless messages.
  • If ATC is present, follow all the instructions given.
  • Maintain a least 5nm of distance between depatures and landings.
  • Do not pushback when other aircraft beside you is doing that.
  • NOTAM: Max aircraft allowed at SABE: B752
  • Have a lot of fun and enjoy the views of Buenos Aires!

We are not responsible of any violations or reports you recieve


Ministro Pistarini Intl, also known as Ezeiza, is the international hub of Aerolineas Argentinas. It serves 53 destinations, 41 are international. Scince the airport needs to be expanded & updated in-game, SAEZ Will be used for international flights only. Did you know that only one passenger airline operates the 748? No? Check it out.

Ezeiza is hosted by @Mateo_CD

Terminal-7 remaining
Gate Airline Aircraft Destination ICAO Flight Time Pilot
2 Air Canada B77W Toronto via Santiago CYYZ via SCEL 12h45m total @IF787
3 Lufthansa B748 Frankfurt EDDF 13h10m @lew1s_h02
4 British Airways B789 London LHR EGLL 13h20m @Mateo_CD
5 Copa Airlines B738 Panama Tocumen via Lima MPTO via SPJC 8h30m total
6 LATAM A320 Santiago de Chile SCEL 2h10m @Johndavis10
7 LATAM A320 Lima SPJC 4h50m
8 LATAM A319 (LAN) Asuncion SGAS 1h55m @IF_KGRR
9 Iberia A350 Barcelona LEBL 12h30m @MainSky
10 Aeromexico B788 Mexico City MMMX 9h35m @Nightt
11 Aerolineas Argentinas A333 (Generic) Cancun MMUN 9h00m
12 Delta B77L Atlanta KATL 10h15m
13 Alitalia B772 Rome LIRF 13h15m @MBridge
14 Aerolineas Argentinas A333 (Generic) Madrid LEMD 11h45m
15 Aerolineas Argentinas A333 (Generic) New York KJFK 10h50m
16 Aerolineas Argentinas B738 Rio de Janeiro SBGL 3h00m @Nee
17 Aerolineas Argentinas B738 Sao Paulo Guarulhos SBGR 2h40m @darkeyes
18 Air France B77W Paris CDG LFPG 13h10m
Remote stands
Gate Airline Aircraft Destination ICAO Flight Time Pilot
22 Avianca B788 Bogota SKBO 6h25m
23 United B77W Houston Intercontinental KIAH 10h15m
24 American B772 (One World livery) Dallas Forth Worth KDFW 11h10m
25 Aerolineas Argentinas A333 (Generic) Miami KMIA 9h10m

Cargo-3 remaining
Apron Airline Aircraft Destination ICAO Flight Time Pilot
50 Qatar Cargo B77F Doha OTHH 15h30m
51 LATAM Cargo B77F (LAN livery) Campinas SBKP 2h15m @N489DN
52 Atlas Air B744 Miami KMIA 9h10m
53 KLM B789 Amsterdam EHAM 13h15m @Icengelbre
55 Centurion Air Cargo MD-11F Lima SPJC 4h50m @That_Guy14
56 FedEx B77F Memphis KMEM 10h10m @Tyduz


The 2nd airport of Buenos Aires, just behind Ezeiza. Is a national airport, just beside of Rio De La Plata. This airport serves a lot of destinations inside Argentina and a few Outside ARG. This airport is under remodelation IRL, and is expected to be finished in March. It has only a runway with a lenght of 6,880ft. Aeroparque Jorge Newbery is hosted by @Butter_Boi.

Gates-19 remaining
Gate Airline Aircraft Destination ICAO Flight Time Pilot
1 Aerolineas Argentinas B738 Comodoro Rivadavia SAVC 2h25m
2 Aerolineas Argentinas B738 Cordoba SACO 1h25m @Captain_T_Malone
3 Austral (Aerolineas Argentinas) E190 (Generic) Corrientes SARC 1h30m
4 Aerolineas Argentinas B738 Mar Del Plata SAZM 1h00m @DeltaFox
5 Aerolineas Argentinas B738 Mendoza SAME 1h55m
6 Austral (Aerolineas Argentinas) E190 (Generic) Montevideo SUMU 0h45m
7 Aerolineas Argentinas B738 Puerto Iguazú SARI 1h50m
9 Austral (Aerolineas Argentinas) E190 (Generic) Resistencia SARE 1h30m
10 Aerolineas Argentinas B738 Rio Grande SAWE 3h30m
11 Austral (Aerolineas Argentinas) E190 Rosario SAAR 0h55m
12 Aerolineas Argentinas B738 San Carlos de Bariloche SAZS 2h20m @Cooper_Marcukaitis
13 Aerolineas Argentinas B738 Ushuaia SAWH 3h35m @tjb0709
14 JetSmart A320 (Generic) Mendoza SAME 1h55m
15 JetSmart A320 (Generic) Puerto Iguazu SARI 1h50m
16 JetSmart A320 (Generic) San Carlos de Bariloche SAZS 2h20m
17 Andes Lineas Aereas B717 (Generic) Comodoro Rivadavia SAVC 2h25m
18 Andes Lineas Aereas B717 (Generic) Salta SASA 2h15m @Butter_Boi
19 LATAM A319 (LAN) Santiago de Chile SCEL 2h10m @Dylan.Winklosky
22 LATAM A320 Esquel SAVE 2h30m
23 LATAM A319 (LAN) Cordoba SACO 1h25m
24 LATAM A320 Tucuman SANT 2h30m
25 LATAM A320 Viedma SAVV 1h40m
26 Unknown B752 Saint Maarten TNCM ¿? @Angel_Chappy
27 LAPA B752 Sao Paulo SBGR 2h40m @Infinite_Flight_Bra1

GA Ramps

Choose your stand, aircraft and destination (if aplicable)

GA South Ramp
Stand Aircraft Destination Pilot
GA53 C172 Buenos Aires VFR @Luke_B
- - - -
- - - -
- - - -
- - - -
- - - -
- - - -
- - - -
- - - -
- - - -
GA North Ramp
Stand Aircraft Destination Pilot
- - - -
- - - -
- - - -
- - - -
- - - -
- - - -

More gates will be added if needed

Signup process

  1. Ask for a gate, in the form that you like (quoting is recommended)
  2. Please say the ICAO or the Airport where the gate is, so we avoid confusion.

Airport: SAEZ

  1. Once I know where do you want to depart, I’ll add you to the list.
  2. Depending of the airport/activity of user, @Mateo_CD and @Butter_Boi will confirm your gate.
  3. Once your gate is confirmed, welcome to Buenos Aires :)

Thanks for joining in and enjoy Buenos Aires

If you have any questions, suggestions or concerns, please PM one of us and we will be happy to help you

Thanks @Butter_Boi for hosting this event with me and for helping on making the thread.


Glad to be part of this!

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Great. Thanks a lot @Butter_Boi

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Yesss Jorge Newbery is one of my favourite airports in IF, so glad to see a flyout here 😍

This looks seriously well put together, however it’s a little late for me. I will try to sign up closer to the time, though!

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Glad that it’s your favourite airport. Thanks for your appreciation :)

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Let’s start with the signups. A lot of destinations to serve in this flyout!

Wish I could join, looks amazing, I think this was the first Buenos Aíres event in IF I have seen. Hope you have a fun time!

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That’s right. Hope you can Join :)

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SABE Gate 13 please
I was fortunate enough to experience this flight when on my travels in beautiful Argentina!!
It’s gonna be an awesome event, well done!

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Gate 13 is now confrimed and is now yours @tjb0709. Have a nice flight to Ushuaia!

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Welcome aboard!

And thanks for coming to SABE! 😜

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I think its for SABE. also I’ll try to make it, I have an event a little earlier im in, but i should be there

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@DeltaFox Gate 4 is confirmed and is now on your property. Enjoy the flight to Mar de Plata :)

Thanks for signing up! @Butter_Boi will be happy having you in it’s airport (cuz he’s the host of SABE)

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Glad to have you at SABE!

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4 weeks until depature

(Still a lot of time, let’s get some signups for Buenos Aires)

Let me get gate 5 at SABE please


Yessir, you got it!

@JetSuperior5192 will add you shortly.

@Nightt Your gate is now secured! Enjoy your flight to Mendoza :)

can I take this please?

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@lew1s_h02 your gate is now confirmed and secured. Thanks for coming to Ezeiza and enjoy Lufthansa’s longest route (for now)!

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