27FEB21 / 1800Z, Tampa Bay Flyout @KTPA & @KPIE

Hey IFC this is my second event and for this event I am co-hosting with the wonderful and amazing @Cooper_Marcukaitis. As a popular vacation destination the Tampa Bay area provides a wide range of hotels, resorts, and beaches. Join us as we flyout out of St. Petersburg and Tampa International!



This Event is partned with Allegiant Virtual! See more about their Virtual Airline on their main website which can be found here, https://allegiantva.wixsite.com/home


Another one of our sponsors is Spirit Virtual! See more about NKVA here, on their website, http://spiritvirtual.rf.gd/index.html

About Tampa Intl:
Opened in 1971, the airport has been operational for 50 years! Tampa has 3 runways being 19L/R (1L/R) and 10/28. The airport has a total of 4 terminals, with many more hardstands. Tampa has 22 airlines serving 93 destinations. The airport handled roughly 22,498, 953 passengers in 2019. The Tampa side of the event is sponsored by @SpiritVirtualAirline!


About St. Petersburg:
Established in 1903, the airport opened originally transporting the first paying passengers from St. Pete to Tampa. St Pete has two runways 18/36 and 4/22. The airport has one main terminal with 12 gates, and only two airlines serving the airport, with Allegaint being the largest, they also have a hub here. The airport has around 50 destinations across the US and Canada. Also the airport handled 2,288,692 passengers in 2019. The St. Petersburg side of the event is sponsored by @Allegiant_Virtual!
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Server: Expert

Airports: Tampa International (KTPA), St. Petersburg (KPIE).

Time: February 27th at 1800Z

St. Petersburg (KPIE). Hosted by @IF_KGRR!

St. Pete Gates (Allegiant) FULL
Gate Airline Aircraft Destination Pilot
1 Allegiant A320-200 Pittsburg (KPIT) @Lachlanavitor
2 Allegiant A320-200 Flint (KFNT) @DeltaFox
3 Allegiant A320-200 Fort Wayne (KFWA)
4 Allegiant A320-200 Grand Rapids (KGRR) @IF_KGRR
5 Allegiant A320-200 Asheville (KAVL) @N489DN
6 Allegiant A320-200 Indianapolis (KIND) @Marco_Rdz
7 Allegiant A320-200 Norfolk (KORF) @KTJ_Mitchell
8 Allegiant A320-200 Kansas City (KMCI) @Aviation2929
9 Allegiant A320-200 Albany (KALB) @Eric_Dedicke
10 Allegiant A320-200 Phoenix/Mesa (KIWA) @bbrockairbus
11 Allegiant A320-200 Chattanooga (KCHA) @crj_lover1
12 Allegiant A320-200 Huntington (KHTS) @Axel_Y
Overflow KPIE (1830Z)
Gate Airline Aircraft Destination Pilot
1 Allegiant A320-200 Chicago/Rockford (KRFD)
2 Allegiant A320-200 San Antonio (KSAT) @Mr_Young
3 Allegiant A320-200 Cincinnati (KCVG)
4 Allegiant A320-200 Fort Wayne (KFWA) @Prerb
5 Allegiant A320-200 Tampa (KTPA) @thenewpilot

Tampa (KTPA). Hosted by @Cooper_Marcukaitis!

Tampa Gates
Concourse A (United, Spirit, jetBlue)
Gate Airline Aircraft Destination Pilot
A3 United B737-800 Chicago (KORD)
A4 United B737-800 Houston (KIAH)
A5 United B757-200 San Francisco (KSFO)
A6 United A320-200 New York (KEWR)
A7 United B757-200 Denver (KDEN)
A8 Spirit A321-200 Detroit (KDTW)
A9 Spirit A320-200 Atlanta (KATL) @Steven_Tellmann
A10 Spirit A321-200 Cancún (MMUN)
A11 Spirit A321-200 Indianapolis (KIND) @Nee
A12 Spirit A320-200 Atlantic City (KACY)
A13 jetBlue A321-200 Washington (KDCA) @WilsonLYT
A14 jetBlue A320-200 Providence (KPVD)
A15 jetBlue A321-200 Philadelphia (KPHL) @JetBlue_48_DJT
A16 jetBlue A320-200 San Juan (TJSJ)
A17 jetBlue A321-200 White Plains (KHPN) @Butter1
A18 jetBlue A321-200 Windsor Locks (KBDL) @CaptinRicci
Concourse C (Southwest, Alaska, Sun Country)
Gate Airline Aircraft Destination Pilot
C32 Southwest B737-700 Chicago(KMDW)
C33 Southwest B737-800 Phoenix(KPHX)
C34 Southwest B737-700 Baltimore(KBWI)
C35 Southwest B737-700 Grand Rapids(KGRR)
C36 Southwest B737-800 Dallas (KDAL)
C37 Southwest B737-700 San Antonio (KSAT)
C38 Southwest B737-700 Fort Lauderdale (KFLL) @TheExDid_HD
C39 Southwest B737-800 Havana (MUHA)
C40 Alaska B737-900ER Seattle (KSEA)
C41 Alaska B737-900ER San Francisco (KSFO)
C42 Alaska B737-900ER Los Angeles (KLAX)
C43 Sun Country B737-800 Madison (KMSN)
C44 Sun Country B737-800 Minneapolis (KMSP)
C45 Sun Country B737-800 St. Louis (KSTL)
Concourse E (Air Canada, Delta, Frontier, WestJet)
Gate Airline Aircraft Destination Pilot
E62 Air Canada A319-100 Toronto (CYYZ) @AndrewWu
E63 Air Canada A319-100 Montréal (CYUL) @Canadan
E64 Delta B757-200 Atlanta (KATL)
E65 Delta A321-200 Detroit (KDTW)
E66 Delta B757-200 Seattle (KSEA)
E67 Delta A319-100 Boston (KBOS) @Cooper_Marcukaitis
E68 Delta B737-900ER Salt Lake City (KSLC) @Delta
E69 Delta B737-900ER Minneapolis (KMSP)
E70 Frontier A321-200 Cincinnati (KCVG)
E71 Frontier A320-200 Chicago (KORD)
E72 Frontier A321-200 Buffalo (KBUF)
E73 Frontier A321-200 Milwaukee (KMKE)
E74 Frontier A320-200 Grand Rapids (KGRR)
E75 WestJet B737-800 Toronto (CYYZ)
Concourse F (American, Swoop, British, Cayman, Copa, Edelweiss, Lufthansa)
Gate Airline Aircraft Destination Pilot
F76 American A321-200 Charlotte (KCLT) @USA_ATC
F78 American A321-200 Phoenix (KPHX)
F79 American A320-200 Washington (KDCA) @zion89
F80 American Eagle CRJ-700 Key West (KEYW) @Nightt
F81 American Eagle CRJ-900 Miami (KMIA)
F82 American B737-800 Dallas (KDFW)
F83 American B737-800 Washington (KDCA) @FlyIf_0011IFPA
F84 American A321-200 Chicago (KORD)
F85 Swoop B737-800 Toronto (CYYZ)
F86 British Airways B777-200ER London (EGKK) @InfiniteFlightDeck
F87 Cayman Airways B737-800 Grand Cayman (MWCR)
F88 Copa Airlines B737-800/900ER Panama City (MPTO)
F89 Edelweiss A330-300 Zurich (LSZH)
F90 Lufthansa A350-900 Frankfurt (EDDF)

Substitutions can be made for aircraft/routes just let us know. Respect all ATC and unicom frequencies. We are not responsible for any violations received. If you have any questions please contact me @IF_KGRR or @Cooper_Marcukaitis!

I’d also like to thank @Cooper_Marcukaitis for helping me with putting the routes in the table, and getting some of the airport info, thanks Cooper!

There will be two PM’s, one for KPIE, and one for KTPA, this will come one week before the event!

Thanks all!


I’ll take this please!


I’ll take this!

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@KTJ_Mitchell and @Steven_Tellmann thanks for signing up, u guys are out down for your flights


Hello! I’ll take KPIE gate 9 to Syracuse! Thanks!

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Thank you for signing up @USA_ATC, @KTJ_Mitchell, @Prerb, @Steven_Tellmann, @bbrockairbus, and @Eric_Dedicke :)


I’ll take the Pittsburgh Route!!!

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