27Feb21/10.00Z- maastricht(EHBK) fly out training server

Hi guys the event will be at EHBK on the traing server here are some rules:

  • Be serious
  • Always respect and listen to the Atc
  • Departure runway will be 21

you can choose this flights:"

-Turkish cargo - Boeing 777F - Maastricht(EHBK) to Istanbul(LTFM)
-Turkish cargo - boeing 777F - Maastricht(EHBK) to Miami(KMIA)
-Turkish cargo - Boeing 777F - Maastricht(EHBK) to Nairobi(HKJK)

-Qatar cargo - Boeing 777F - Maastricht(EHBK) to Doha(OTHH)
-Qatar - Boeing 777-300 - Maastricht(EHBK) to warshaw(EPWA)
-Qatar -Boeing 777-300 - Maastricht(EHBK) to Oslo(ENGM)

-Northcargo B3 = empty
-Northcargo B2 = empty
-Northcargo B1 = empty
-Eastcargo D4 = empty
-Eastcargo D3 = empty


-awnser my message and tell me witch stand and flight you want.

hope to see you soon

Please post this in #live:events.

Edit: Looks like you are TL1. Keep liking, reading, and posting, and you’ll be at TL2 and able to create events in no time


so i need to remove it?

where can i see witch rank i am ;)

Click your profile image, it will show. Basic is TL1, Member is TL2.

And I can flag this for closure for you, no worries.

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You can see it on your profile.
I would also check out this topic about TL’s. Keep in mind that the IFC’s rules are a bit different.

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Check this out, so you don’t make multiple violations of the category in the future, like this one :)

Please take a read through of the #live:groupflights category linked above. Thanks for the understanding!