27DEC20 / 2100Z / Group Flight @EGLL-LOWI

  • Pushback at 2100Z!
  • Aircraft: A321-200 - British Airways
  • Server: Training
  • Departing: EGLL - 27L or Active Runway by ATC
  • Arriving: LOWI - Runway 26
  • Cruise: 38,000
  • Est. flight time: 1 hour and 45 minutes
  • Flight plan: Please copy mine.
    Let me know if you’re coming!:)
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I’ll come, is 2100Z 9pm GMT/UTC?

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Yep, 9pm GMT time

Ok, I might arrive at like 9:05 - 9:10 GMT because I’m currently in a flight with 32 min left to the destination.

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Sounds good!

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I will be parked at Terminal 5C, Gate 564

Ok, I’ll park next to you.

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The current flight I am doing it says 7 minutes to destination. Hopefully, that’s okay, so I should spawn in at EGLL at like 9:12 GMT.

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Yes thats ok!

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Just joined in at the gate right next to you.

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Hey guys, I would have attended but I had an event planned at the exact same time you guys were going to take off, sorry.

oof, @joshvollberg you disappeared from my radar, are you still in the air?

nvm, now your back

What cruise speed do you want to do?

Im going to do 340kts and then switch to M 0.84, is that okay?

yep, that works

Do you want to keep the 1,500 vs throughout the climb?

Nah, lets pick it up a bit. You pick.

How about 3,000 vs

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I put too much weight in so I need to go to 2,000 vs so I don’t lose speed.

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