27DEC20 / 2100Z Carrying the Palanca Negra / Luanda Flyout @ FNLU

Hello everyone and welcome to the event’s thread. Join me and take your place in Luanda, known as one of the most expensive cities in the world.
It may not look like it seems, but Luanda has been a very requested destiny, not just for tourism but for business too.
A city of history, from the battles and wars to the independence and freedom.
The tropical weather, music, culture, hospitality lives in the heart of people living here, everything to describe a perfect place!
Is Luanda a place you have ever been? If not, here’s the perfect moment! Sign up!

City of Luanda

Aeroporto International 4 de fevereiro is the main connection to Luanda and Angola as well. It serves both civil and military aviation. It is about to be replaced by a new project named Aeroporto International de Angola (Angola International Airport).
Although it’s an airport with important international connections for the country like Lisbon and Dubai.

4 de fevereiro Airport


Time and Date - 2020-12-27T21:00:00Z

Server - Training Server

Airport - Aeroporto Internacional 4 de fevereiro (FNLU)

Airport Diagram

  • ALL ACFT parked at Terminal Apron between 01-08

    DO NOT NEED PUSHBACK. In case of active ground frequency, DO NOT request PUSHBACK in order to avoid unnecessary messages. Request taxi instead.

  • As FNLU doesn’t have too many gates for wide-body-twin-jet airliners, big sized AFCTS in order to taxi to parking in the Terminal Apron 01-08, as indicated bellow, shall use runway 25 to taxi to taxiway Bravo

  • As this event will be in Training Server, you are able to sign up as ATC even if you aren’t an IFATC member (one day I said that IFATC guys are the best in this community, that’s true). Although, there might not be ATC, please, use UNICOM correctly.

  • Spawn 20 - 5 minutes prior the scheduled time.

  • Wait for ATC until 5 minutes after the scheduled event time, if ATC doesn’t appear, feel free to start your flight.
    Please do not taxi trough others.

  • Runway usage and Procedures - All departures or eventual landings shall be in RWY 23. There aren’t any SIDs and STARs available in IF, please check the chart below.
    SIDs in charts might not be in accordance with IF (mentioned fixes in charts might not exist in IF).

  • I am not responsible for any violation you may receive.

*FNLU Charts - Procedures and RWY usage


Terminal Apron East - Short and medium haul

Domestic routes

Gate Destination Est. Time (Block) Airline/Plane Callsign Pilot
01 FNCT 1H25 Generic/DH8D Angola # -
02 FNHU 1H35 Generic/DH8D Angola # -
03 FNUE 1H45 TAAG/B737 Angola # -
04 FNUB 1H40 TAAG/B737 Angola # -
05 FNCA 1H15 TAAG/B737 Angola # -
06 FNME 1H50 TAAG/B737 Angola # -
07 FNDU 1H50 TAAG/B737 Angola # -

International routes

(Gate) (Destination) (Est. Time (Block)) (Airline/Plane) (Callsign) (Pilot)
08 FVRG 3H20 TAAG/B737 Angola # N/A
09 FCBB 1H30 TAAG/B737 Angola # -
10 FPST 2H20 TAAG/B737 Angola # -
11 HKJK 3H50 Kenya Airways/B738 Kenya # -
12 FYWH 2H45 TAAG/B737

Flight numbers at discretion

Terminal Apron (Medium and long haul)
Gate Destination Est. Time (Block) Airline/Plane Callsign Pilot
01 LFPG 8H15 Air France/B77W Air France # @plane_guy12
02 GMMN 6H40 Royal Air Maroc/B788 Royal Air Maroc # -
03 EHAM 7H30 KLM/B77W KLM # @Infiniteflight2
04 OTBD 6H55 Qatar Airways/B788, A359 or B722L Qatari # -
05 SBGR 8H40 TAAG/B772 Angola # @Flying_Ryan
06 LPPT 7H30 TAAG/B772 Angola # -
07 FAOR 3H45 TAAG/B772 Angola # -
08 OMDB 7H20 Emirates/B77W Emirates # -
09 LPPT 7H30 TAP Air Portugal/A333 Air Portugal 723 @flybarroso
10 EDDF 8H15 Lufthansa/B748 Lufthansa # @Fung_Sum-sum
11 HAAB 4H45 EthiopianAirlines/B788, B722L, B77F¹ or A359 Ethiopian # -
12 FAOR 3h45 South African Airways/B737 Springbok # -
13 FACT 4h10 TAAG/B737 Angola # -
14 FLKK 3h00 TAAG/B737 Angola # @A_Plane_Guy

¹Destination at discretion
Flight numbers at discretion


ATC frequencies

Note: You are able to choose more then one frequency. If someone desires to sign up as an ATC and there’s no frequency available, the user that assigned for more than one frequency, will be notified and he will have to answer within 24 hours after notification, wich frequency will he operate, otherwise, the new user will choose the frequency, overriding the previous user.

Please check NOTAM above before opening frequency

Ground Tower Approach Luanda Center
@A350pilot @Canadian_Aviator - -

Did you know? 🤔

TAAG’s logo is an animal? 🤔
  • Yes, I know!
  • Really? 😲

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It name’s Palanca Negra and it only exists in Angola. The animal is so symbolic that you can can find this logo in other angolan organizations like the Angola Football Federation.

Angolan Football Federation’s logo

TAAG Angola Airlines’ logo

Felt convinced? Looking exciting? So sign up! I’m looking forward to seeing you there!

Luanda’s waiting for you!!! 🇦🇴

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This thread had the crucial help of @TheAviationGallery


What server is?

An it should be “DEC”

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Training Server :)

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Ok, thanks, sadly I can’t attend :(

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:( certainly there will be another opportunity! :D

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Ahhh that portuguese habits… we say DEZembro instead DECember


Can I have this? Also, can I use KLM orange pride?


Sure thing!!!

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Thanks, see you there!


Thanks for applying for this! I appreciate!!! :D

No problem :)

May I take Gate 10. Use aircraft: B748

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Confirmed!!! Thanks for applying!!! Tha means a lot!!!

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Could I please control ground frequency?

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Sure thing!!!


27 de Dezembro, 9h:00 tentarei estar lá! Training server

Muito obrigado!!! :) E se lá estiver, que porta vai preferir?

Thank you for applying!!! If no one sign up for until 20 minutes prior to the event’s time, you may take both Ground and Tower :)

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I just realized that I may not be able to attend because in my local time the event starts at 10:00PM but hopefully I can make it.

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Can I take gate 01 Air France?

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