27AUG22 - Tokyo Drift @ RJAA

If you were to combine the wonderful worlds of drifting and flying, you’d get; Aircraft Drifting. Taking inspiration from The Fast and The Furious movies, the event will be held on the casual server at the one and only Tokyo Narita Airport.

This event is score based. Competitors will have 90 seconds to do their display, which will be analyzed both in real time and in replay by both judges, myself and @Pingu.

Scores will be based off of 3 things:

  1. Amount of time spent drifting (Based on if you spent most of your time sliding the aircraft, or driving in circles)
  1. Quality of drift (How well you kept your drift under control, i.e. not spinning, or hitting your engine into the ground)
  1. Crashing (The most simple, if you crash or not)

Each category will be scored out of 10, and your final score will be out of 30. Whoever has the highest score will win.

It is recommend that you have a strong internet connection, so you don’t lag or disconnect from the live server. It’s not a requirement, but it will help you get scored better :)

I’m sure most of you have never drifted an aircraft, whether in real life or in a simulator. Luckily, I’m here to teach you. There are two phases of a drift; entering the turn and sustaining the turn.

Entering the turn

To enter the turn, you need to be a bit slow, 30-40 kts. I recommend enabling auto coordination, so your control is a bit better. Now, put in full rudder to one side. Once your aircraft is in a tight turn, add a bunch of throttle, so that the aircraft starts sliding. That’s your drift ;)

Sustaining the turn

Once your aircraft starts drifting, you’ll need to carefully measure your throttle so that the aircraft keeps sliding, but doesn’t spin out. In addition to that, counter steering is very important. Once the aircraft is in the slide, apply rudder to the opposite way you are turning (If your aircraft is turning left, apply right rudder, vice versa). You’ll need to find the perfect balance of throttle and counter steer to sustain the drift.

This video is a good example of the principles mentioned above

Drifting Example

Before entering the event, I recommend practicing, and finding the aircraft that suits you best. Make sure you can get the principles down, and then sign up

Date: 2022-08-27T17:00:00Z
Airport: Tokyo Narita (RJAA)
Server: Casual
Aircraft: Your Choice :)

There are no gates to be assigned, so just let us know you’ll be there, and which aircraft you’ll be in :)

List of Atendees

User | Aircraft

@anon57312879 | 77W
@callaa | 78X
@Aviatorwyatt | A388
@Suungx2 | A359
@AmericanB772 | 789
@Avaitor1 | 747-8
@Butter575 | A388
@United403 | A346

A PM will be created for all the attendees a couple days before the event

The red box designates the performance area. This is where competitors will do their drifts. Attendees and spectators will not be permitted to park in that area. You can spawn and sit at any part of the airport and use the free cam watch performances.

That’s all, hope to see you there :)


sounds exciting, i see if I can join

casual servers are always full of drifters!

You gotta read the topic my guy

Yeah, lol, did you read the topic-


Is that good?

I’m not sure i can join but I want to join

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Of course! Do you want me to get you a spot?

I’ll join for sure!

Nice event @Aviation108 @Pingu!


Fantastic! What aircraft?

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most likely the ANA 77W

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Great, see you there :)

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Sign me up! I’m gonna blast eurobeats while drifting

Aircraft: ANA 787-10

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Sign me up pls! I am going to be drifting in a generic a380 as a sub for the ANA A380

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You’ve both been added, see you there :)

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Count me in pls
Asiana A350

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You’ve been signed up :)

Can I use an American Airlines B789 please, thank you!

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You’ve been signed up, see you there :)

One week till the event :)

I will join can you put me down as an 767 Delta or an F18

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