27AUG22 / 1900Z Queen City Fly-Out at KCLT [COMPLETED]

Sounds good. Signing you up.

Ok I will take this one 😁

Signing you up.

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Looks fun, can I take an American 777 to rome please


@Jack_Dh @CaptainCameronYT @TridentAviationYT wanna do this with me?

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Yep! I’ve seen your videos by the way. Really well edited and put together.

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Thanks bro! Stay tuned for much more ;)

Will most likely be making this one a timelapse if someone fly’s with me lmao

I look forward to the event :)


yep! if you want, there are some more gates made for the 777 at concourse A and one other at concourse D if you’re gonna do a group flight to rome

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if there’s multiple gates avialiable at concourse A that’d be great

ok. ill check for you.

My mistake, i meant concourse B. it has 4 gates pretty much all next/near eachother suitable for the 777. It would be B9X, B16X, B13X, and B12X. I can reserve those 4 for you and your mates on a 777 to Rome.

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yep that’s perfect, if you could put me down for all 4 that’d be amazing, I’ll get some buddies from my discord to come and fly ;)

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Can I fly the American A321 to KTPA please

yes you can

Thank you so much! I just got grade 3!

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Thats awesome!

Thank you!

You will be gate C18

Sure thanks so much!

SWVA is very excited to sponsor this event! Love to see our pilots involving the community. <3

With LUV,

Chief Executive Officer
Southwest Virtual Airlines

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This please, thanks.