27AUG22 / 1800z San Fransisco Madness @KSFO

Oh I didn’t know I just did them how I normally do them

It’s all good

I’m not seeing the other event

Hmm this is weird ima search for it

I don’t see it either so idk

I found it, the difference with this one and the one linked above is that this one is held on expert sever, whereas the other is on training

Oh then we are fine this should happen as normal then

No because more people would want to fly in the expert than training so it’s not fine because your event it attracts more attention

Oh but I still have no idea what to do with this

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They are 5 days apart, I don’t see why there can’t be two events with the same airport with 5 days spacing on different servers

The other one that was published 4 days prior to this one also hasn’t seen activity in 4 days, when I found it earleir

Hey! I shot you a PM :)

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I saw it but I don’t know what do do now

Yea idk why but I picked this date thinking it would be good

I believe you could just leave the date of your event as it is. The whole idea of the community based events is that the community can come up with events, where and when they want.

These two events are on different dates and on different servers. Not too much conflict to be honest.

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I agree and if anything @Southwest_2115 probably didn’t know that there was already a SFO event

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That’s exactly what happened


That is so true


With this out of the way

Mind if I can lay claim to this gate?
UA 737-900 to Medford

denver with a ua752 as a replacement for the 753

I don’t see why it’s an issue. I just wanted to coordinate a little bit so the 2 events don’t get messed up and unorganized