27AUG22 / 1800z San Fransisco Madness @KSFO

Welcome to San Fransisco Madness! This event is my latest creation to bring people on the IFC together. San Fransisco is a beautiful City with a very scenic and unique approach. This is a Fly-In / Fly-Out type of event, meaning you can fly in or Fly-Out, whatever you choose! You can also choose whatever route u want out of this airport! I’m looking forward to this event and I hope you are too! Let’s have fun!

Airport- San Fransisco International (KSFO)

Time/date- 2022-08-27T18:00:00Z2022-08-27T20:00:00Z

Server- Expert

I am gonna need ATC for this event here are the signups

Ground- @TheAviation_YT

Tower- @TheAviation_YT

Atis- @TheAviation_YT

NorCal Departure-

NorCal Approach-

Oakland Center-

Terminal 1

Gate B19- @SammyDoesGaming- Honolulu- United 777 200- Flying-Out
Gate B20- @Butter575- Palm Springs- United A320
Gate B27
Gate B26
Gate B25
Gate B24
Gate B23
Gate B22
Gate B21
Gate B18
Gate B17
Gate B14
Gate B13
Gate B12
Gate B9
Gate B8
Gate B7
Gate B6

Terminal 2

Gate C4
Gate C6
Gate C8
Gate C10
Gate C12
Gate C11
Gate C9
Gate C7
Gate C5
Gate C3- @Thomas_Cunningham- Boston- Delta 757 200
Gate D1
Gate D2
Gate D4
Gate D5
Gate D6
Gate D7
Gate D8
Gate D9
Gate D10
Gate D11
Gate D12
Gate D14
Gate D15
Gate D16- @United403- Provo- Breeze A220

Terminal 3

Gate E5- @Oregon001- Redmond- United A320
Gate E7- @Southwest_2115- Denver- United 757
Gate E7
Gate E9- @anon36731834- Medford- United 737 900
Gate E64
Gate E13
Gate E12
Gate E10
Gate E8
Gate E6
Gate E3
Gate E2
Gate E1
Gate F5
Gate F6
Gate F7
Gate F8
Gate F10
Gate F9
Gate F11
Gate F13- @SAVRamper- Newark- United 777 300
Gate F15A
Gate F15D
Gate F22
Gate F21
Gate F20
Gate F19
Gate F18
Gate F17
Gate F16
Gate F14
Gate F12- @ryanairlanding- Denver- United 757 200
Gate F4
Gate F3
Gate F2
Gate F1

International Terminal G

Gate G1
Gate G2
Gate G5- @Jesus_Gutierrez- Seoul- United 787 9
Gate G6
Gate G9
Gate G10
Gate G14
Gate G13
Gate G12B
Gate G11
Gate G8
Gate G7
Gate G4
Gate G3

International Terminal A

Gate A3
Gate A4- @ThePilotP4b21- Panama City- Copa 737 800
Gate A9
Gate A10
Gate A12
Gate A15
Gate A14A
Gate A13- @EAviation- Sydney- Qantas 787 9
Gate A11
Gate A8- @KJKLM281- Amsterdam KLM 777 200
Gate A7
Gate A6
Gate A2- @Abhik_Mallik- Air India 747 400

Pick any gate you want! Can’t wait to see you there, happy flying!


I will do KSFO - PHNL United Airlines


Please choose a gate and an aircraft

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Terminal 1

Gate B19

And United B777-200ER

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You are signed up see u in a month!

Let’s get more people!!!

A8 San Francisco - Amsterdam, KLM 772 :)

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Ur signed up cya soon!

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We need more signups in order to make this a real event!

They use A10 I went on this route last month

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Bro I don’t have pro if I did I would do KSFO-VIDP B773 Air India

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I’ll take this gate

United|A320|Palm Springs (PSP)

It’s ok but at least you are interested

KLM uses A6, A8, A9, A10 and A11. I always arrive and depart from either A8 or A9

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United uses Terminal 3 I believe

American uses Terminal 1 where all of u are signing up lol

Yup, T3 is United only as it’s their West Coast Hub.

terminal 3 gate e5 United a320 to KRDM please

Ur signed up cya there!

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thank you!

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