27AUG2022/ 1600 - 0400Z Island Flyout @PHNL

Honolulu is the Capital of the Hawai’i archipelago, a state of The U.S located in the Pacific Ocean. Please Join @Avaitor1, @United403, @AmericanB772, @Thomas_Cunningham, And @Klas892 as we host an end of summer Event in the Beautiful 50th state of the Union!

Hawaii, U.SA

Honolulu HA

Honolulu International airport

Training Server

Daniel K. Inouye Honolulu International airport PHNL

1600 - 0400Z ( 8am - 8pm PST)


Interisland Terminal 1

A13) Hawaiian - (Lihue LIH) B712
A14) Hawaiian - (Kahalui OGG) B712
A15) Hawaiian - (Kahalui OGG) B712
A16) Hawaiian - (Kahalui OGG) B712
A17) Hawaiian - (Kailua Kona HKO) B712
A18) Hawaiian - (Kailua Kona HKO) B712
A19) Hawaiian - (Hilo Hawai’i ITO) B712
A20) Hawaiian - (Hilo Hawai’i ITO) B712

B1) Hawaiian - (Long Beach LGB) A321
B4) Hawaiian - ( San Jose SJC) A321
B5) Hawaiian - (Sacramento SMF) A321

International Terminal 2/Mainland Flights

C1) Fiji - (PLCH, Fiji) B737 @Butter575
C2) Air Canada - (Toronto Canada) B777-300ER @AirCanada11
C3) Air Canada - (Vancouver Canada) A330-300
C4) Air New Zealand - (Auckland NZ) B777-300ER
C5) ANA - (Tokyo Haneda) A380-800
C6) Asiana - (Seoul SK) B777-300ER
C7) Fiji - (Nadi Fiji) A359
C8) Japan airlines - (Osaka Kansai) B787-9
C9) Philippine airlines - (Manila Philippines) A359

D1) Jetstar - (Melbourne Australia) B787-9 @Klas892
D2) Qantas - (Sydney Australia) A330-300

E1) Hawaiian - (Austin AUS) A330-300
E2) Hawaiian - (Boston BOS) A330-300
E3) Hawaiian - (Las Vegas LAS) A330-300
E4) Hawaiian - (Los Angeles LAX) A330-300
E5) Hawaiian - (San Francisco SFO) A330-300
E6) Hawaiian - (New York JFK) A330-300
E7) Hawaiian - (Seattle SEA) A330-300
E8) Hawaiian - (Papeete, French Polynesia) A330-300
E9) Hawaiian - (Tokyo Narita) A330-300
E10) Hawaiian - (Fukuoka Japan) A330-300

F1) WestJet - (Calgary Canada) B787-9 @Avaitor1
F2) WestJet - ( Edmondton Canada) B787-9

G1) American Airlines - (Dallas DFW) B777-300ER
G2) American Airlines - (Phoneix PHX) A321 @AmericanB772
G3) Delta airlines - (Salt Lake City SLC) A330-900Neo
G4) Delta Airlines - (Atlanta ATL) A330-900Neo
G5) United airlines - (Denver DEN) B777-200
G6) United airlines - (Chicago ORD) B777-300ER
G7) Alaska Airlines - (Portland PDX) B739
G8) Alaska Airlines - (Anchorage ANC) B739
G9) Southwest - (Kahalui OGG) B737-700
G10) Southwest - (Lihue LIH) B737-700
G1A) Southwest - (San Diego SAN) B738
G1B) Southwest - (Oakland OAK) B738

Spot 1) Mokelele - (Kaluapapa HA) C208 Caravan
Spot 2) Mokelele - (Kapaulaua HA) C208 Caravan
Spot 3) Mokelele - (Lanai City HA) C208 Caravan
Spot 4) Mokelele - (Molokai HA) C208 Caravan


Ground @Avaitor1
Tower @Avaitor1
Approach @Aviation_Jerry
Departure @Aviation_Jerry
Honolulu Center

Thanks for joining, and as always happy flying


This please

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You got it!!

This also please

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I’ll take this gate please!

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Can I do an American A321 to KLAX please

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Both of you are signed up for the requested routes

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This gate please

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Hey can I switch my flight?

Of course, what are you thinking

Can i do this but on a 737 but to PLCH? It is a new route to Honolulu

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I will have the Air Canada to Torornto

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You got it, welcome to the event

I’ll help with these

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You got, thanks for your services

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No problem

Can I switch to this flight please?

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Attention everyone, the date for this event has been moved from August 30th to August 27


Let’s get some more signups!

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Let’s fill these gates people!! There are many more flights to choose from