27AUG/Brilliant Bristol Flyout/@1200Z

Hello hello community! Welcome to my first ever flyout and its going to be a good one! I have began to really like this airport being especially famous for its short runway. I have also not seen a Bristol flyout before so why not a great time to make one! It will be hosted on Sunday 27th August 2023 starting at 1200Z or 1300BST. I will include more important information below. Flight times range from 40 minutes up to 4hours and 30 minutes. You can create your own flight plans how you wish, I would recommend using simbrief or flightplan database. We will use airlines such as TUI Uk, Ryanair, Jet2 and KLM!

Airline Aircraft Flight Destination
EXS 737 LS1871 Palma De Mallorca(PMI)
RYR 737 FR509 Dublin(DUB)
EZY 319 U22707 Madrid Barajas(MAD)
TOM 757 BY6150 Ibiza(IBZ)
EXS 737 LS1879 Reus(REU)
KLM E190 KL1046 Amsterdam(AMS)
EZY 320 U22837 Rome Fiumicino(FCO)
EXS 737 LS1839 Skiathos(JSI)
TOM 737 BY750 Enfidha Hammamet(NBE)
RYR 737 FR4440 Valencia(VLC)
EZY 320 U22935 Prague(PRG)
EXS 737 LS1831 Heraklion(HER)
TOM 787 BY452 Orlando Melbourne(MLB)
DLH E190 LH973 Frankfurt(FRA)
RYR 737 FR4147 Faro(FAO)
EZY 319 U2225 Belfast International(BFS)
EXS 737 LS1829 Girona(GRO)

Server: Expert (Grade 3+)!

Airport: EGGD (Bristol)

Time: 2023-08-27T12:00:00Z→2023-08-27T16:00:00Z

User Destination
β€” Palma De Mallorca(PMI)
β€” Dublin(DUB)
β€” Madrid Barajas(MAD)
β€” Ibiza(IBZ)
β€” Reus(REU)
β€” @MANDELA Amsterdam(AMS)
β€” Rome Fiumicino(FCO)
β€” @If.EnglandYT Skiathos(JSI)
β€” Enfidha Hammamet(NBE)
β€” Valencia(VLC)
β€” @AntequeraAirlanes Prague(PRG)
β€” Heraklion(HER)
β€” @British_Aviator_YT Orlando Melbourne(MLB)
β€” Frankfurt(FRA)
β€” @JakesAviationYT Faro(FAO)
β€” Belfast International(BFS)
β€” Girona(GRO)


  • I am NOT responsible if you may receive ANY violations
  • This is the EXPERT server, please use ATC correctly if in use
  • ALL spawn in 10 minutes before the event begins!
  • HAVE FUN!!!

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I’ll take this into Gate 26

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