27APR21 / 0300Z - From The Capital to The Motor City @ KDCA to KDTW [ARRIVED]

From The Capital to The Motor City!


Hello everyone! Today for this groupflight we’re going to fly from the east coast up and west to the city of Detroit. We’ll be departing at 0300 Zulu (11pm EST/8pm PDT) and flying for just more than an hour before landing at about ~0430 Zulu (~12:30pm EST/~9:30pm PDT) in the motor city. This route is operated multiple times a day by Delta and American. I hope you choose to attend this short and fun event!

Flight Details

Route : KDCA– KDTW
Aircraft : A319, A320, or 757
Livery : Delta
ETD : 2021-04-28T03:00:00Z
Flight Time : Apx. 1:30hrs
Server : Expert


  • Feel free to use the A319, A320, or 757
  • Spawn in 10 minutes before departure
  • Please respect ATC or unicom
  • You are allowed to fly a different airline, just let me know which one (please make sure it actually flies this route) Find airlines that fly DCA - DTW here
  • Make sure you spawn in at the right gate!


Gate Aircraft Pilot
Gate 15 Vacant
Gate 16 Vacant
Gate 17 Vacant
Gate 18 A320 @Mr-plane-guy1
Gate 19 Vacant
Gate 20 Vacant
Gate 21 Vacant
Gate 22 Vacant

Flight Plan

You can copy my fpl when in. You can also make your own.

About the Airports

I will create a PM closer to flight departure time!

Thanks for looking! If you would like to join please request a gate with the gate number and aircraft!


Departing in 30 min!!

i’ll try my best to join

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Really wish I could come, but I’ll be sleeping :(

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Great! What gate and aircraft would you like to use @Kenneth_Natal ?

@Cooper_Marcukaitis oof… maybe next time :)

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I don’t know if I can join, i’ll let u know 10 mins prior to departure

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Pushing now… want to come along?

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