27 years ago

This story still gets tears in my eyes. Such brave pilots. Even nearly three decades later the vast valor and honor of their actions despite their aircrafts issues is still astounding and affects, like ripples, throughout aviation history.
Arguably one of the best landings.
If you have a chance watch it. Such bravery!


Does no one else feel that awe? I won’t spoil it for you if you are just watching it…but come back after and at least sit with me

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;-; I know how you feel.

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The fact the pilot cries that he couldn’t save everyone says a lot about the man he is. An amazing job that day.


4 great heroes. R.I.P. to any of the passengers who didn’t make it.


Amazing !And thanks…I love and hate these type of stories! The one additional pilot who cried because he couldn’t save everyone…that’s the kind of pilot I would want on my flight! RIP Dennis

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Thanks of sharing this with us. Its a great story

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It’s my pleasure. Those men deserve this sort of recognition even this many years later

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That was amazing

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I wonder if they really had a bear after that

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Funny…I thought that exact same thing

Doesn’t it hit you right in the feels? So amazing!

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